Snare Networks, Inc.

(Volume 1, No 24 - 8/25, 1997)

Address : 12520 Prosperity Drive, Suite 300, Silver Spring, MD20904
Tel : (301) 625-9540
Fax : (301) 625-9544
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Company Overview
1. develops and markets a transparent software-only solution that provides automatic data encryption for TCP/IP applications over Intranets and across the Internet.
Founder & Key Management
Dennis Batchelder, Presidet  
Products & Services
SnareNet TCP/IP encryption software that you install on your computer along with your existing network applications. If SnareNet is installed on the remote computer, a secure handshake is performed during connection, and all data sent between the two computers, or hosts, will be automatically encrypted.
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Business Partner List : RSA, IntelliSoft, OpenSoft Group
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