Resonate, Inc.

(Volume 2, No 12 - 3/18, 1998)

Address : 465 Fairchild Drive Suite 115  Mountain View, CA 94043
Tel : 650.967.6500
Fax : 650.967.6561
WWW Address :,
Founded Year : 1995
# of employees :
Sales Volume :
Company Overview
1.develops and markets enterprise Traffic Management solutions for the Internet and intranet.
2. Resonate's Enterprise Traffic Management Solution enables the fastest and most reliable Internet access through a system of integrated products that intelligently select, schedule, and route requests to the optimal network resource or service.
Founder & Key Management
Gordon A. Campbell, Chairman of the Board
Christopher C. Marino, President and CEO
Charles J. Kring, Ph.D., Vice President, Engineering
Michael J. Schafir, Vice President, Marketing
George A. Papazian, Vice President, Sales
Cameron Lorentz, Vice President, Worldwide Sales
David Herington, Vice President, Business Development
Gene Grell, Vice President, Technical Services
Products & Services
IntelliFlow™ Architecture giving administrators of corporate intranets and high traffic Internet sites an integrated management solution. The architecture is implemented with the Dispatch Family of products to optimize the flow of information at all levels of the enterprise infrastructure.
Resonate Application Dispatch provides high availability for network-based applications and improves security and scalability. Application Dispatch, which seamlessly integrates into your enterprise, provides dependable access to application services by scheduling requests to the least-loaded, most-available application server. With Application Dispatch, your Web servers can access all application servers in your Web site. You can also set service level priorities that allow more critical application requests to be scheduled according to level of importance.
Resonate Central Dispatch enables multiple Internet servers to act as a single, scalable, reliable, and easily managed server system. Central Dispatch provides superior control and distribution of Web traffic and allows CIOs, network managers and system administrators to quickly and efficiently implement scalable, reliable, enterprise-wide, multi-server Web sites. Central Dispatch, which facilitates the management and administration of both Internet and Intranet Web sites, supports all TCP-based services, including HTTP, Proxy, FTP, and SMTP, enabling scalable, reliable, Intranet applications. Address for download site:
Resonate Global Dispatch integrates multiple Points of Presence (POPs) into a single enterprise-wide server resource regardless of Internet or Intranet server locations. Global Dispatch provides high availability and improved performance for distributed Web sites and optimizes user response time. Global Dispatch enables excellent performance from your existing resources by intelligently determining the optimal POP locations for maximized resource availability. Global Dispatch seamlessly integrates with server-level scheduling and load-balancing solutions to provide enterprise-wide availability and performance.
Company Reference
Awards : "Hot Product" of the year by Data Communications Magazine. 1/98
Business Partner List :
Customer List :
Competitor List : Bright Tiger Technologies Inc., IBM and Cisco Systems Inc
Investment Companies : Chase Capital Partners, the Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers (KPCB) Java Fund, and Flatiron Partners. Previous funding was secured from Techfarm, Charter Venture Capital and KNC
Mergers and Acquisitions :
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