Netsation, Corp.

(Volume 1, No 28 - 10/6, 1997)

Address : RTP, NC
Tel : 888 859 8680
Fax : 919 859 0515
WWW Address :
Founded Year :
# of employees :
Sales Volume :  
Company Overview
1. develops and markets Network Configurator, a Java based tool designed to configure routers
Founder & Key Management
Sean R. Harrison, President & Chief Executive Officer David J. Spitz, Executive Vice President Chief Technology Officer
Products & Services
Netsation Network Configurator 1.1 a cross-platform, client/server, and web-based system which simplifies the task of network configuration. Network Configurator delivers a high-performance, web-based solution through which network administrators can efficiently configure heterogeneous networks with fewer errors and more confidence than is currently possible using traditional, device-centric tools.
Company Reference
Awards : Best of Show Finalist at '97 Atlanta Interop Network+Interop
Business Partner List : Cisco Systems, Wandel & Goltermann, MCNC, North Carolina State University
Customer List :
Competitor List :
Investment Companies :
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