Helius, Inc.

(Volume 1, No 18 - 7/14, 1997)

Address : 961 West Center, Orem, UT 84057
Tel : 888 764 9020
Fax : 801 764 9022
WWW Address : www.helius.com
Founded Year : 1995
# of employees :
Sales Volume :  
Company Overview
1. develops and markets software that facilitates the delivery and access of data to server-based Local Area Networks, whether providing satellite-based connectivity or extended capabilities to Novell NetWare, Windows NT, and other server platforms.
Founder & Key Management
Dan Broadbent, vice-president of marketing  
Products & Services
DirectPC Network Edition a satellite-based system that delivers information to your Local Area Network (LAN). It lets you bypass slow telephone systems by receiving information beamed down from a satellite to a compact, 21" dish that's connected to your network server.
Company Reference
Awards :
Business Partner List : Aventail Corp, The Canopy Group, Cisco, DirectPC by Hughes, Hughes Olivetti Telecom, Novell, Telesat
Customer List :
Competitor List :
Investment Companies :
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