Fortress Technologies, Inc.

(Volume 1, No 29 - 10/6, 1997)

Address : 2701 N. Rocky Point Drive, Tampa, FL 33607
Tel : 813-288-7388, 800-793-9202
Fax : 813-288-7389
WWW Address :
Founded Year : 1995. 7. 26.
# of employees :
Sales Volume :  
Company Overview
1. a leading developer of products and services that deliver high-speed, secure communications public and private networks.
Founder & Key Management
Mr. Raymond L. Weadock, President and Chief Executive Officer
Gary E. Brooks, Vice President, Marketing
Dr. Aharon Friedman, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Joseph C. Vangieri, Vice President, Sales
Products & Services
NetFortress VPN-1 a completely self-contained, VPN appliance that creates a secure communications link between two points on a computer network that cannot be hacked into by intruders and/or corporate criminals.
NetFortress VPN-3 provides the same fully automated, hardware-based security for large networks operating at T3 speeds; the fastest security solution available.
NetFortress Remote enables remote workers and telecommuters to simply and securely access their private networks from virtually any location as if they were physically connected.
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Business Partner List : SecurityDynamics, Internet Security Systems, Powercom
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