FlowWise Networks, Inc.

(Volume 1, No 28 - 10/6, 1997)

Address : 2480 North First Street, Suite 180, San Jose, CA 95131
Tel : 408-474-0385
Fax : 408-474-0399
WWW Address : www.flowwise.com
Founded Year : 1996. 3.
# of employees :
Sales Volume :  
Company Overview
1. provide very high performance, cost-effective multilayer switching solutions that scale with the exponential growth of IP traffic in Local Area Networks (LANs), corporate Intranets and the Internet.
Founder & Key Management
Khaled Nasr, President and CEO Mr. Randy Fardal, Vice President, Marketing
Products & Services
TMS 1600 True Multilayer Switching solutions. True Multilayer Switching technology combines custom, advanced, very high integration ASICs with high performance RISC processors and leading-edge software to cost-effectively deliver powerful multilayer switching solutions over popular interfaces such as Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and ATM. will be available by the end of 1997.
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Investment Companies : Battery Ventures, Venrock Associates, Mitsubishi Electronics and Investar.
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