Avatar Solutions, Inc.

(Volume 1, No 16 - 6/30, 1997)

Address : Vienna, Virginia
Tel : 703 821 3200, 800 393 1313
Fax : 703-821-0787
WWW Address : www.avatars.com
Founded Year : 1995
# of employees : 45+
Sales Volume :  
Company Overview
1. provides information and background on the year 2000 problem, inventory support, and maintenance simulation. Having developed a proprietary approach based on a sophisticated search engine, Avatar automatically assesses the impact of necessary changes to large software systems and identifies alternate strategies for conversion to date compliant systems.
Founder & Key Management
Ed Knauf, CEO - formal co-founder of The Titan Corporation (NYSE:TTN) in 1981
Michael C. Master, Avatar Vice President of Marketing and Sales
Tai-Li C. Kwan, Avatar Vice President
Products & Services
Avatar2000 developed to implement a year 2000 date change project that has four key advantages: Language and platform independent, Fast results, Comprehensive approach, supports a "triage" approach to reduce the total cost of the project
Company Reference
Awards :
Business Partner List : Hitachi Data System
Customer List :
Competitor List : Viasoft, Cap Gemini and Computer Horizons
Investment Companies : Spinnaker Fund, Sierra Ventures, and Soundview: total capital raised - $4.5 million
Mergers and Acquisitions :
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