Startup Companies: Software

Actuate Software, Inc. Enterprise Reporting System
Alexa Internet, Corp Intelligent recommendation & navigation solution
Aptex Software, Inc. Advertising and audience management server
Arepa, Inc. High-Speed Access Software Tool
Attest Systems, Inc. PC asset management tool
Bright Tiger Technologies, Inc. Server-side software tools for faster Internet Access
CADIX International, Inc. Signature recognition security.
Chili!Soft, Inc. Internet Platform Software
CoreData Remote Access Management
Crossroads Software, Inc Middleware between "front-office" Customer Interaction systems and "back-office" Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
Dimensional Insight, Inc data mart technology: Web reporting and analysis tool
Envive, Corp First service-level management solution for SAP R/3
Grasp Information, Corp Knowledge management software
Instinctive Technology Team collaboration software
Integral Development, Corp First Universal Finance Server
InterMax Solutions, Inc. Document based migration system
Jyra Research Inc Service Management Architecture software E-Mail response software
Korea G.I.S. & Multimedia Soft. Co., Ltd. GIS (Geographic Information System) software
MicroMass, Inc Personalization software
Miros Face frecognition security Software
MultiLogic, Inc. Knowledge-based software
Network Computer, Inc. Management information software
RPK Software, Ltd a System Analyst Group, having activities in Software Developmen
Silknet Software, Inc. Next generation of customer service software
Sitara Networks, Inc. Intelligent Client/Server Software
Skylight Software, Inc. Electronic document security
SoftTek, Inc. Fax software
Teleran Technologies First Dynamic Query Management System
Thinking Machines, Corp. Data Mining Applications for the Web
Trellix, Corp PC office productivity applications
Zanza Software, Inc. A new reporting Tool


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