Startup Companies: Network

Arcxel Technologies, Inc. Fibre Channel fabric (switch)
Atmosphere Networks, Inc. Fiber access multiplexers
Avatar Solutions, Inc. Year 2000 problem solutions
Avici Systems, Inc Terabit Switch Router (TSR): forwarding trillions of data packets.
Berkeley Networks, Inc. Enterprise internetworking switch based upon Windows NT
Cinco Network, Inc. Network Management Tool
Commercial Data Servers Low end mainframe server for year 2000 program
Copper Mountain Networks, Inc. next generation of DSL
CuraSoft, Inc. Event Management Systems
Ennovate Networks, Inc. IP switching technology
Extreme Networks, Inc. Gigabit Ethernet
FlowWire Networks, Inc. Gigabit Speed Switch
Fortress Technologies, Inc. VPN (Virtural Private Network)
Fourelle Systems, Inc Bandwidth Optimization
Ganymede Software, Inc Network Performance Measurement and Management
G2 Networks, Inc. Gigabit Ethernet
Helius, Inc. DirectPC Network Software
Highground Systems, Inc.. Storage Resource Management (SRM)
HydraWEB Technologies, Inc New-generation network load management appliance
Indus River Networks, Inc. VPN - All in one remote access
InfoExpress VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Internet Devices, Inc. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Internet Security Systems, Inc. Network Security Assessment tools
Jato Technologies, Inc. Gigabit Ethernet
Juniper Networks, Inc. Next generation router for Internet
Kaspia Systems, Inc. Enterprise network monitoring and reporting
MangoSoft, Corp Links PC hard drives for peer to peer networking
Netmosphere, Inc. project collaboration software
Netsation, Corp Java based Network Configurator
NextPoint Networks Java based Network Management
Objective Communications, Inc. Video networking
Packeteer, Inc. Bandwidth management and reporting systems
Resonate, Inc Enterprise traffic management software
Signal 9 Solutions, Inc. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Shomiti Systems, Inc. Fast LAN Management
Snare Networks, Corp Network Security
Structured Internetworks, Inc. Active traffic manager
Torrent Networking Technologies, Corp. Next-generation, Gigabit-scaled IP routing technology for IP internetworks
Ukiah Software, Inc. A combo of IP firewall and IPX/IP gateway
Vina Technologies, Inc. T-1 Integrator: combo of DSU/CSU, frame relay access device, multiplexer and Internet Firewall
WebSprint Communications, Inc Campus Area Networking
WheelGroup, Corp Network Security
Xedia, Corp Bandwidth Management
Xelus, Inc. Low-Cost, High Functionality Solutions to Network Storage Market
Yago Systems, Inc. Gigabit Switching Router
Yurie Skystems, Inc. Accessing ATM Networks


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