Startup Companies: Multimedia

Adaptive Media, Inc. Intranet / Extranet application for video streaming
Alexa Internet, Corp Intelligent recommendation & navigation solution
Audible, Inc. Downloadable Audio Content services & product
Be Here, Corp New Virtual Reality Technology
BoxTop Multi-party video conferencing application
Diba, Inc. Internet Set-top Box
Digital Renaissance, Inc Authoring and editing system
GEO - Interactive Media Group Ltd First interactive multimedia authoring tool for Internet
GIST Localized TV program guide on Web
ICast, Inc. Video broadcast solutions to corporate desktops
InterVu, Inc. Video over the Internet
iReady, Corp Next generation interactive consumer electronics products
Magnifi, Inc. Audio, video content searches
MBed Software, Inc Competition of Macromedia's Shockwave
New Alloy, Inc. Solution for Internet's Bandwidth problem
Newfire, Inc. Enable game developers to create high-performance 3D games for playback
Oz Interactive VRML applications and servers
PaceWorks, Inc. Animation design tool
PictureTalk, Inc. Real-time audio and visual conferencing.
PlaceWare Large Web based conferernce
PlanetWeb, Inc. Turn appliances such as video game systems, televisions, and video phones into Internet access devices
PowerTV, Inc. Digital operating systems for TV
Toggle Entertainment, Inc Instructable Animation for the Internet

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