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Foveon, Inc Posted : 07/10/2002 Hits:4872
Foveon has continued to advance the field of digital photography by leveraging the company's extensive expertise in photographic systems, image sensor design and CMOS technology. This effort has lead to the development of Foveon X3, the world's first full-color image sensor. With this new innovation, Foveon is enabling the next generation of image capture technology for all categories of digital cameras.
Vocera Communications Posted : 05/09/2002 Hits:4008
Vocera Communications' new hands-free, 802.11b wireless solution provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use system for instant voice communication in corporations, hospitals, retail stores, and other building environments. You do not even need to remember phone numbers. Simply say the name, title or function of the person you need to reach. Vocera connects you instantly to the people and information you need.
Ember Corp Posted : 10/21/2002 Hits:3878
Ember removes the barriers to embedded networking. Ember’s self-organizing, self-healing, wireless mesh technology is uncompromisingly robust, easy to use, and flexible. The EmberNet networking platform gives forward-thinking companies the means to create products that do more by communicating better.
ip infusion, Inc. Posted : 04/25/2002 Hits:3776
A leading provider of intelligent network software for enhanced IP services, IP Infusion is a developer of networking software that enables platforms, hardware, devices, and media across the Internet to communicate with each other openly and without dependence on specific technologies or platforms. Just as Unix and Windows are central to the PC and server markets, this leading edge software will drive the communication equipment market by providing the intelligence and manageability needed to develop equipment for creating enhanced IP services.
Counterpane Internet Security Inc Posted : 01/27/2003 Hits:3552
Counterpane Internet Security, Inc., is the innovator and acknowledged leader in providing Managed Security Monitoring (MSM) services. MSM combines people and technology to safeguard businesses. Working from a network of technically sophisticated Secure Operations Centers (SOCs) and using progressive analysis tools, Counterpane has built the most advanced analysis, correlation, detection, and diagnosis technology, comprising a Sentry monitoring probe on the customer's network and the Socrates knowledge base inside the SOCs.
arcsight Posted : 04/13/2002 Hits:3401
ArcSight is a leader provider of enterprise software solutions that integrate and optimize the management of diverse security devices deployed across a network. By delivering complete monitoring, correlation, investigation, resolution, and reporting - all within a single solution - ArcSight provides a coordinated infrastructure that maximizes security results while decreasing overall costs.
Relicore Posted : 05/09/2002 Hits:3206
Relicore is developing solutions that enable IT organizations to increase efficiency, reduce costs and maximize ROI by providing unprecedented insight into today's complex, distributed enterprise application infrastructure. Relicore's flagship product, the Infrastructure Information Management (IIM) solution, is an automated discovery, tracking, and dependency mapping system for distributed application infrastructures that addresses the fundamental challenges facing IT organizations today - overwhelming complexity, constant change and scattered information.
MailFrontier Posted : 08/26/2002 Hits:3148
MailFrontier is at the forefront of providing next-generation messaging security products that make email communication more productive and secure in the work place. High volumes of unwanted email are crippling enterprise productivity today. MailFrontier’s first product, Matador uses a unique and cost effective, multi-pronged approach to solve this problem for individual users.
TimeSys Posted : 04/15/2002 Hits:3141
TimeSys is a pioneer and leader in Embedded Linux and Java solutions for creating open, high-performance, robust embedded systems. TimeSys provides complete and certified "out-of-the-box" embedded Linux, cross-platform development tools, and services for a full range of processor architectures and system boards.
Sonim Technologies, Inc Posted : 08/19/2002 Hits:3033
Sonim Technologies is a leading provider of IP based instant communications solutions optimized for 2.5G, 3G and 802.11 wireless data networks.
DivXNetworks, Inc Posted : 06/10/2002 Hits:3009
DivXNetworks is a leading technology company that enables the rapid proliferation of video content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks by combining the lightweight, ubiquitous access of the Internet with DVD-quality video performance. The company’s approach is built upon the success of the DivX™ codec, a leading standard for MPEG-4 video distribution with over 60 million users worldwide, and the DivX Open Video System™, a next-generation content delivery system that provides unsurpassed aggregation, promotion, and distribution of video content for mass markets.
Arbortext, Inc Posted : 03/18/2002 Hits:3000
Arbortext is the only global provider of XML-based software that enables the creation, editing and publishing of information to multiple media types – Web, print, CD-ROM, wireless – from a single source of content.
Silicon Bridge, Inc. Posted : 04/29/2002 Hits:2999
Silicon Bridge is a private fabless semiconductor company developing low power, and high integration complete physical layer connectivity in CMOS for speeds of 10Gigabits and beyond.
Ubicom, Inc Posted : 04/29/2002 Hits:2886
Ubicom designs processors and software that are optimized for Internet access and the implementation of communications and control functions in software. No other company has the combination of technical expertise that Ubicom has assembled. We combine processor instruction set and architecture design, networking, and constraint-driven embedded system design, resulting in our disruptive technology.
Sequence Design, Inc Posted : 02/28/2002 Hits:2830
Sequence Design, Inc., the SoC Design Closure CompanySM, enables system-on-chip designers to bring higher-performance and lower-power integrated circuits quickly to tapeout. Sequence's physical design software and solutions give its more than 100 customers the competitive advantage they need to excel in aggressive technology markets, despite demanding complexity and time-to-market issues of sub-180 nanometer design.
Netuitive, Inc Posted : 10/21/2002 Hits:2808
Netuitive®, Inc., based in Reston, VA, provides a next generation service management solution that sustains performance of the application infrastructure. Netuitive's patented software, Netuitive Analytics™, empowers IT Operations to proactively manage performance problems before they impact availability of key business applications. Only Netuitive offers the industry Trusted Alarms™- the most accurate and reliable indicators of impending performance failures.
MessageOne Inc Posted : 03/13/2002 Hits:2797
MessageOne is the only company providing global 2000 companies with an easily deployed, enterprise-wide management system for solving the complex challenges associated with today’s mission-critical messaging environment. The company’s MessageView solution provides a Web browser-based view of a company’s email servers across the enterprise, allowing multiple levels of IT management to quickly view historical reports and conduct real-time monitoring of the messaging environment, which includes anti-virus and wireless applications and servers.
2Wire, Inc. Posted : 12/20/2000 Hits:2792
A pioneer in broadband networking, 2Wire, Inc. ( is dedicated to developing integrated solutions to deliver broadband service and content throughout the home and small office. Built upon the company's core expertise and continued innovation in software and hardware, 2Wire products enable home, home office, and small office users to enjoy the full potential of broadband. 2Wire solutions also offer service providers a flexible and robust platform for delivery and management of feature-rich Internet, telephony, entertainment, and other enhanced broadband application services.
Envara, Inc. Posted : 05/29/2002 Hits:2755
Envara, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company developing a complete multi-mode Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN) chipset solution. Envara's extremely low-cost, low-power, and high-performance, two-chip solution is compliant with both IEEE 802.11a and 802.11b standards, and also supports the mandatory mode of the IEEE 802.11g standard.
Ceterus Posted : 10/21/2002 Hits:2712
Ceterus Networks was founded to develop solutions for global telecommunications service providers. The company provides carriers with scalable, reliable, and cost-effective networking solutions that allow them to enhance their market leadership positions.
Chip Express Posted : 07/01/2002 Hits:2700
Chip Express is a Silicon Valley-based ASIC manufacturer. We use patented technology to provide significant cost and time advantages over other ASIC vendors.
Seranoa Networks Posted : 10/23/2002 Hits:2697
Seranoa Networks ( is a venture-backed company developing an innovative family of purpose-built internetworking products for use at the edge of IP service provider networks. Seranoa’s mission is to allow network service providers to economically scale the capacity, performance and availability of their IP services by building on existing infrastructure investments.
StarMine, Corp Posted : 02/19/2002 Hits:2627
StarMine set out with the objective of identifying the best analysts for each stock. We combed through 18 years of detailed analyst data, tracking every earnings estimate, revision, and recommendation recorded by I/B/E/S and First Call. We then developed sophisticated metrics to measure the accuracy of earnings estimates and the profitability of their stock picking recommendations, taking into account the performance and consistency of each analyst both in absolute terms and in comparison to their peers.
Sand Video Inc Posted : 11/12/2002 Hits:2615
Sand Video (SV) was founded in January 2001 with the goal of providing superior semiconductor based video compression technology for a broad range of consumer video applications. Sand Video is now developing fully integrated system-on-a-chip codec solutions for television centric consumer video appliances. These products will support existing MPEG 1/2/4 compression standards as well as the emerging H.26L standard. H.26L's revolutionary compression performance provides substantial benefits over current MPEG based products with significant gains in image quality and system capacity as well as lower overall system costs.
170 Systems, Inc Posted : 04/17/2002 Hits:2588
170 Systems, Inc. provides enterprise software products that enable Global 1000 organizations to capture and manage all of their information online and optimize both intra-company and business-to-business processes. 170 Systems products enhance business processes in financial, procurement, customer relationship management, human resources, project management, and self-service software applications. 170 Systems solutions are used today by Global 1000 organizations worldwide, in all industries, to support and streamline mission-critical business processes and operations.
Good Technology Posted : 05/14/2002 Hits:2561
Good Technology is an innovator in the enterprise mobile computing market. Good develops wireless software, services and handhelds that provide mobile professionals with a continuously synchronized wireless connection to their corporate email and information. The result is improved communication, decision making and worker productivity at a low cost of ownership.
AlterPoint, Inc. Posted : 02/10/2003 Hits:2397
AlterPoint™ aims to bring a new level of network control and understanding to the network administrator—without being intrusive or forcing process change. As enterprise networks continue to grow in complexity, a multi-vendor, easy-to-use management solution is required.
Silicon Access Networks Posted : 03/06/2002 Hits:2349
Silicon Access Networks, a communications semiconductor company, offers the only complete Data Path Processing Platform (DP3) solution for wide area, metropolitan and enterprise switching and routing applications. The iFlow DP3 solution delivers a quantum leap in performance and density over competing solutions.
IXI Mobile, Inc Posted : 10/23/2002 Hits:2197
IXI Mobile provides end-to-end software solutions and hardware reference designs that create a new category of mobile devices, introducing an unprecedented variety of fashionable, affordable and function-optimized mobile devices that best match the needs and lifestyles of mobile consumers. As a result, manufacturers and network operators can offer a new class of devices and services that can be developed in a fraction of the time and cost it takes to deliver today’s cellular phones or “all-in-one” devices.
OpenNetwork Posted : 07/29/2002 Hits:2132
OpenNetwork Technologies Inc. is a developer of Web single sign-on and access control security software for e-business. The company's flagship product, DirectorySmart™, enables businesses to secure and manage millions of users' access to confidential information and multiple applications over the Web. With Web access control and identity and policy management integrated into a comprehensive and easy-to-deploy product, DirectorySmart enables companies to quickly bring their e-business initiatives to market and to easily manage, scale and support millions of users with a minimal total cost of ownership.
Ortega InfoSystems, Inc. Posted : 12/09/2002 Hits:2071
Ortega InfoSystems, Inc., based in Santa Clara, California, is the leading integration software developer for browser-based security and facility control systems. Ortega's flagship product, FacilitySm@rt™ , launched at ASIS 2000, provides a platform for integrating live and archived digital video, access control and facility control systems, allowing users to remotely view and control security facilities via a web browser.
SiRF Technology, Inc Posted : 03/13/2002 Hits:2065
SiRF Technology develops and markets semiconductor and software products that are designed to enable location awareness in high-volume mobile consumer devices and commercial applications.
Circuit Semantics Posted : 08/28/2002 Hits:2046
Circuit Semantics, Inc. provides timing and characterization solutions for high performance cells, cores, and blocks based on innovative technology for which patents are currently pending. IC designers employ these mixed- level solutions to create high-performance chips using full-custom and structured-custom methodologies. The company's products support precise, gate- level abstraction of transistor-level circuits to accelerate timing closure for designs fabricated in deep submicron (DSM) process technologies. These solutions are especially well suited for the microprocessor, digital signal processing, graphics and the high-speed communications markets.
Clarity Payment Solutions, Inc Posted : 09/09/2002 Hits:2015
Clarity Payment Solutions develops electronic payment solutions and processes payment transactions for emerging and specialty markets. The Company provides solutions for companies in numerous vertical markets that include incentives, consumer promotions, healthcare, insurance, unbanked, teen payments and payroll, transforming their legacy, paper-based payment processes into efficient and cost-effective electronic systems. The Company's proprietary payment processing platform supports multiple payment vehicles such as debit, stored value, chip and private label, and incorporates Internet-enabled and other technologies that are specifically designed to provide competitive advantages within each market.
InteQ Corp Posted : 11/01/2002 Hits:1989
InteQ is a leading provider of IT infrastructure and application management services, which improve availability and performance of business applications while lowering operational costs. With service delivery based on IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices and years of technical expertise, InteQ handles the day-to-day proactive monitoring and management of IT, allowing organizations to focus on business-critical IT issues without losing control.
Verance Posted : 03/26/2002 Hits:1936
Verance is a world leader in the development and implementation of technical solutions focusing on the copyright management, royalty distribution, e-commerce, information, marketing and product distribution needs emerging from the confluence of the entertainment and media industries. Verance was selected for use as a worldwide industry standard in copy protected DVD Audio and for the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI), which has developed an architecture and specifications for playing, storing and distributing digital music.
HyPerformix Posted : 07/29/2002 Hits:1886
HyPerformix offers enterprise performance solutions to Global 2000 companies, enabling them to predict, optimize and validate end-to-end performance of mission-critical, enterprise applications and IT infrastructures. Our enterprise approach to performance management combines leading-edge predictive modeling and data analysis software technology, extensive performance-engineering expertise, and a proven performance-assurance methodology. Specifically, we enable our customers to predict enterprise-wide performance, optimize existing IT infrastructures for improved return on investment, and validate mission-critical systems before and after deployment.
KXEN Posted : 04/08/2002 Hits:1858
KXEN (Knowledge Extraction Engines) is a global analytic software company that provides advanced analytics to be embedded in existing enterprise applications and business processes. KXEN makes cutting-edge data mining technology available to both business decision makers and data mining professionals. KXEN provides them with more accurate, timely and actionable information. Customers will have the ability to understand, predict, manage and influence through a better knowledge of the information contained in their corporate data.
Garuda Networks Posted : 09/02/2002 Hits:1772
Garuda Networks founded in 1999, is a leading provider of integrated broadband service solutions. Garuda's products enable evolutionary leaps in providing voice, video and data services through broadband networks in the Enterprise market. Its first product, the "Proteus Service Platform", is now shipping to customers in the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe.
NetQoS Posted : 06/03/2002 Hits:1533
NetQoS, Inc. provides tools and services to monitor, analyze, and report on the performance of enterprise networks. We combine the remote advisory services of certified engineers with proprietary network management software. The result is optimized network performance, increased network reliability, and decreased network costs.
Think3, Inc. Posted : 07/01/2002 Hits:1506
think3 develops mechanical computer aided design (MCAD) and product data management (PDM) solutions for companies that design everything from sports cars and furniture to heavy machinery and industrial equipment. think3 is on a mission to revolutionize the $9 billion CAD and PDM markets by providing “mass 3D” design software that helps companies streamline business processes and deliver superior products to market faster.
Vocent Solutions, Inc. Posted : 06/10/2002 Hits:1503
Vocent Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Mountain View, California, is the leader in voiceprint authentication solutions. The privately held company uses industry standards to deliver packaged, platform-independent voice applications that securely automate a wide range of business transactions. Through its Voice Secure family of products, Vocent eliminates the need to choose between security and convenience by offering products that quickly authenticate users' identities. Voice Secure solutions are packaged applications that in most cases can be installed in 30 days.
Netezza Corp Posted : 03/13/2002 Hits:1409
Our products use a unique architecture combining recent trends in processor, network and software technologies to deliver a very high performance enterprise system. These products include a family of servers that have unmatched performance, reliability, scalability, and ease of use.
Speedera, Inc. Posted : 04/06/2001 Hits:1339
Speedera Networks, Inc. is a leading global provider of award-winning Internet services for reducing costs and improving enterprises' Web presence through superior performance, quality, availability, scalability and security. The company's edge delivery network is deployed in the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, with connectivity to over 1000 carrier networks. Speedera's SpeedSuite services include a comprehensive set of next generation streaming, content delivery, failover, global load balancing, security and management services, all based on a common global traffic management infrastructure. The company's customers and partners include Global 2000 companies, service providers, Web hosting providers and other organizations worldwide.
Yaga, Inc. Posted : 09/17/2001 Hits:1337
Yaga provides a complete distribution and transaction infrastructure for the global digital goods marketplace. Yaga's comprehensive, transaction enabled P2P network integrates a massively scalable distribution architecture with digital rights management, micro-payment, royalty accounting and back-end payment capabilities -- allowing content owners to generate revenue from their digital assets.
Knowmadic Posted : 09/03/2002 Hits:1270
Knowmadic is the leading provider of integration solutions for companies who need to quickly build applications that can flexibly respond to rapid change. Knowmadic's products and services are designed to deliver "Integration in a Day". The Knowmadic intuitive visual development environment, comprehensive integration component library and robust run-time environment simplify and streamline integration projects.
Caspian Networks, Inc. Posted : 08/27/2001 Hits:1257
Caspian Networks is an Internet infrastructure company designing a breakthrough new generation of equipment for the heart of the largest networks in the world – the service provider networks upon which the Internet is based. Caspian's new IP superswitch Apeiro will allow service providers to do more with their networks than previously thought possible.
Entercept Security Technologies Posted : 12/15/2000 Hits:1236
Entercept Security Technologies is the proven leader in intrusion prevention software. Based on patented technology, Entercept safeguards the entire server by preventing known and unknown malicious attacks. Unlike other security solutions, Entercept uses a combination of behavioral rules and signatures to proactively prevent attacks rather than merely detecting and reporting them after they occur.
IMlogic Inc Posted : 01/27/2003 Hits:1166
IMlogic, Inc., headquartered in Boston, Mass, is a pioneer in delivering enterprise-class infrastructure software that helps companies control and leverage the use of Instant Messaging (IM), the world's fastest growing communications medium. IMlogic's strategic vision provides organizations a comprehensive approach for incorporating IM capabilities in business-critical communications and applications.
Azimuth Networks Posted : 09/16/2002 Hits:1157
Azimuth Networks is an early-stage Boston area start-up developing enabling technologies for the wireless data communications market.
Arbor Networks Posted : 07/08/2002 Hits:1137
Arbor Networks™ builds availability solutions for companies whose success depends on highly available and fully optimized networks. Arbor Networks Peakflow™ is a distributed, non-intrusive, scalable availability solution that detects network anomalies, such as denial of service attacks and worm propagation, and enables network operators to rapidly resolve these threats to ensure network availability and performance.
Artesia Technologies, Inc. Posted : 09/26/2000 Hits:1109
Artesia Technologies can help you realize the promise of Digital Asset Management technology by providing a full range of media management products and services. We've helped numerous information-intensive firms manage their digital assets - reducing costs, safeguarding copyrights and developing new revenue streams by re-expressing and reusing existing content.
Volterra Semiconductor Corporation Posted : 05/01/2002 Hits:1095
Volterra designs, develops, and markets leading edge silicon solutions for low-voltage power delivery. The Company's product portfolio is focused on advanced switching regulators for the computer, broadband communication, networking, and portable wireless markets.
Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc Posted : 01/23/2002 Hits:990
Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc. of Austin, TX. designs, manufactures and markets field-programmable, mixed signal System-on-Chip products and associated support tools. These products embody the Company¡¯s considerable technical skills integrating world-class analog, high-speed digital and FLASH memory functions into a single device with "no-compromises".
Chameleon Systems, Inc. Posted : 02/09/2001 Hits:919
Chameleon Systems is a start-up semiconductor company developing the industry's first reconfigurable communications processing platform. We are creating the first practical commercial implementation of reconfigurable technology for data intensive Internet, DSP and other high performance telecom applications. Our patented field reconfigurable technology provides unusual flexibility to design new equipment that can adapt to changing standards & algorithms once/year, add new features once/month or adaptively modify the algorithm once/microsecond based on the contents of the data stream. This is no pie-in-the-sky reconfigurable approach. It works! This revolutionary architecture is changing the rules of high performance telecom equipment system design today.
APX Posted : 04/10/2002 Hits:835
An independent transaction processing agent for wholesale electric power markets, APX processes more than 500 million megawatt hours per year for approximately 200 client companies in North America, and Europe. Services include trading platforms and brokerages, scheduling, clearing, settlement, and market infrastructure systems.
Cicada Semiconductor, Inc. Posted : 01/03/2001 Hits:794
Cicada Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, manufactures, and markets mixed-signal integrated circuits for the communications industry to send information faster and farther over existing copper cabling and system backplanes within Local, Wide and Storage Area Networks.
MeshNetworks, Inc. Posted : 07/08/2002 Hits:783
MeshNetworks has developed a revolutionary mobile broadband network architecture based on patented ad hoc peer-to-peer (p2p) routing technology. The result is a self-forming, self-healing wireless mesh where mobile devices become the network. MeshNetwork’s Multi-Hopping™ routing technology offers non-line-of-sight broadband connectivity, while eliminating the need for towers and extensive system design. MeshNetworks addresses the needs of both mobile and fixed wireless broadband applications.
Skyway Software Posted : 08/05/2002 Hits:772
Skyway Software is an innovative provider of composite supply chain applications for the enterprise. Skyway’s technology platform ties existing enterprise supply chain processes together to create new automated process flows that run across internal departments or to outside business partners. Beta testing for Skyway’s first application is currently taking place within the energy and utilities sector, with general availability planned for early 2003.
Zantaz, Inc. Posted : 08/22/2000 Hits:764
Founded in 1996, ZANTAZ™ is a leading provider of outsourced services and technology that capture, archive and instantly retrieve electronic messages, including email and related attachments. Based upon patent-pending technology, ZANTAZ first service offering, Digital Safe™ service, is compatible with major email systems. Applications include: electronic message archiving, management and rapid retrieval solutions for regulated industries (i.e. securities brokerage, insurance, banking, healthcare, telecommunications) and the corporate enterprise market worldwide. ZANTAZ also provides professional services to implement, support and enhance the Digital Safe service as part of their Compliance Technology Solutions™.
Inplane Photonics Posted : 03/06/2002 Hits:732
Inplane manufactures highly functional, integrated optical component subsystems using our proprietary planar optics technology.
Delivery Empire Posted : 09/28/2004 Hits:670
Delivery Empire offers a premium service to internet search engines.
Xora,Inc. Posted : 06/01/2001 Hits:654
Xora is a wireless and voice-enabled data applications company with breakthrough technology that seamlessly connects back-office applications to mobile wireless/wireline phones and PDAs.
BlueSocket, Inc. Posted : 09/07/2000 Hits:648
Bluesocket, Inc. manufactures high performance solutions enabling the broad deployment and effective management of wireless local area networks (WLANs) for data and voice communications in enterprises worldwide. Bluesocket's systems are optimized to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of wireless LANs while maximizing their benefits.
Lantern Communications, Inc. Posted : 10/16/2000 Hits:634
Lantern is a leader in the development of 10Gbps Resilient Packet Ring technology. Their packet ring switches, when used in metro areas, enable the delivery of scalable and reliable Ethernet and other data services.
Nuasis, Corp. Posted : 01/16/2001 Hits:567
NUASIS Corporation pioneered the next generation customer interaction software platform. The NuContact Center is an IP-based, multi-channel platform that seamlessly integrates all customer contact channels - voice, e-mail, Web, video - through a single workflow and routing architecture. The technology vision of the executive team has resulted in backing by top-tier venture capital and corporate investors.
Actimize, Inc. Posted : 06/01/2001 Hits:537
Actimize was established in 1999 as a subsidiary of Deliotte-Gilon Information Systems, Ltd, one of the leading e-business and business intelligence providers in Israel. Actimize has R&D offices in Rosh HaAyin, Israel, with sales offices scheduled to be opened in Europe and the United States within the coming months
Rhapsody Networks Posted : 08/31/2001 Hits:522
Rhapsody's intelligent infrastructure solutions will vastly improve storage service delivery, streamline data management, and enable the global exchange of business-critical information. The result is lower total cost of ownership of your storage assets.
Panasas, Inc. Posted : 09/14/2000 Hits:519
PANASAS is a storage systems company attacking the NAS market by providing a complete storage solution that will scale well beyond the capacity, performance, and management limitations of traditional systems. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, PANASAS has recently opened a second development center located in Redwood City, CA. In addition to serving as its corporate headquarters, the Pittsburgh facility hosts an engineering center that is focused on the development of large-scale storage system software. The Redwood facility hosts both embedded systems development and manufacturing organizations.
Canesta, Inc. Posted : 08/15/2000 Hits:518
Canesta is the inventor of a revolutionary, low-cost electronic perception technology that enables ordinary electronic devices to perceive and react to nearby objects or individuals in real time. When sight-enabled with Canesta’s unique electronic perception chips and software, consumer, automotive, industrial, military, and medical products will gain functionality and ease of use not possible in an era when electronics were blind.
Groove Networks, Inc. Posted : 10/24/2000 Hits:495
Groove Networks Inc. provides software and services that enable organizations to increase their return on connection by extending critical business processes, projects, and meetings across time, space, and organizational boundaries.
AirPrime, Inc. Posted : 09/11/2001 Hits:495
AirPrime is a leading provider of high-speed, CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) wireless data and voice products to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) market. Working under a full CDMA subscriber license from QUALCOMM, AirPrime provides technology-leading wireless access solutions for use in handheld computers, notebook PCs and a variety of other mobile computing products. AirPrime develops technology platforms to cover the entire range of current and next-generation CDMA standards from IS-95 A/B to CDMA2000 1X, 1xEV-DO and beyond.
VMware, Inc Posted : 09/18/2000 Hits:492
VMware, Inc. is the leading provider of virtual computing software for Intel-based computers. Through its patent-pending technology, VMware brings virtual computing to distributed systems -- from the desktop to the data center. Enterprise customers use VMware software for server consolidation, workload management and for application development, testing and deployment. With more than one million registered users, VMware products include ESX Server, GSX Server and Workstation.
Airbiquity Inc. Posted : 01/04/2001 Hits:481
Airbiquity™ ( is the location technology company that delivers global positioning system (GPS) data to any wireless network worldwide. The company’s patented aqLink™ software enables wireless carriers, automobile manufacturers, commercial call centers and Internet portals to offer their subscribers location-based services that enhance productivity, manage assets, and deliver personalized content.
AeroFon Posted : 08/18/2000 Hits:480
AeroFon will provide wireless service affordable to over one third of the world's population who have little prospect for ground-based telephone access at a small fraction of satellite systems prices. Using latest generation CDMA technology we will provide affordable, high speed Internet connectivity to populations that currently are without basic POTS service.
Transmeta Corporation Posted : 08/03/2000 Hits:472
Transmeta is a publicly traded company located in Santa Clara, California. Transmeta develops and sells software-based microprocessors, and develops additional hardware and software technologies that enable computer manufacturers to build computers that simultaneously offer long battery life, high performance and x86 compatibility. Transmeta’s family of Crusoe microprocessors is targeted at the notebook and Internet appliance segments of the mobile Internet computer market, as well as ultra-dense servers and a range of embedded applications.
Airband Communications Posted : 08/03/2000 Hits:464
airBandTM Communications is one of the country's fastest growing wireless broadband service providers, with plans to offer ultra-high speed Internet access to small and medium-sized businesses in cities across the U.S. By harnessing a new generation of leading-edge wireless technology, airBand is able to deliver broadband access to the Internet at speeds that go well beyond DSL. Just how fast is airBand's service? Four initial service packages feature speeds of 512kbps, 1Mbps, 2Mbps and 10Mbps. That's up to 10 times faster than a high-speed DSL connection.
Entrisphere, Inc Posted : 08/31/2001 Hits:457
Entrisphere enables carriers to provide multiple, revenue services to customers, faster, at competitive prices through a simplified, converged access network architecture. The Entrisphere solution integrates several network elements to revolutionize service provisioning and management of access networks, while enabling service providers to leverage their investment in operations, Class 5 switching, and IP routing infrastructure.
Sabeus Photonics, Inc Posted : 04/12/2002 Hits:453
Sabeus Photonics, Inc. is the leader in the design and manufacture of high-concept optical devices for use throughout the optical communications network.
Yodlee Posted : 06/20/2001 Hits:445
Yodlee's e-Personalization Platform enables e-businesses to offer their customers a convenient way to consolidate and manage all of their personal online information. Customers get one-click access to a dynamic summary of the personal information that matters most - bank balances, travel reservations, investments, email, shopping, bills, calendars, and much more. And users can access their information from a PC, PDA, or web-enabled phone.
Danger, Inc. Posted : 05/16/2001 Hits:424
Founded in January 2000 and funded by Softbank Venture Capital, Danger, Inc. has developed an end-to-end wireless Internet solution focused on affordability and great user experience. The Danger solution tightly integrates service, platform and hardware and will be introduced to the mass market through partnerships with established consumer brands.
Peribit Networks, Inc. Posted : 08/01/2001 Hits:410
Peribit is developing unique network optimization technologies that dramatically improve network performance. Details of its products and services will be forthcoming.
Equator Technologies, Inc. Posted : 01/08/2001 Hits:404
Equator Technologies is the industry's choice for video streaming engines and platforms. The company's family of Broadband Signal Processor™ (BSP™) chips is a unique, fully functional, software-programmable system-on-a-chip solution designed for the development of platforms for demanding video applications -- from "Pixels to Packets." Equator's unmatched compiler technology delivers 100% C programming -- enabling the rapid introduction and field upgradeability of new applications and devices.
ActiveSky Technology, Inc. Posted : 12/29/2000 Hits:404
ActiveSky technology lets you enjoy live-action video and animation on your PDA or communicator without compromise. Look for the sharp edges, clear motion, and readable text to see some of the distinguishing characteristics of the superb visual experience you'll get when using ActiveSky technology.
Altrio Communications, Inc. Posted : 12/05/2000 Hits:397
Altrio Communications is to build the next generation fiber optic telecommunications network providing a package of all services for the home and home office: a broad spectrum of advanced television services, high-speed data services including Internet access, web-integrated services, and quality local and long distance telephone. Altrio is launching its first network in Southern California as part of a well-planned, highly targeted initiative supported by a select group of large investors.
3PARdata, Inc. Posted : 07/03/2001 Hits:396
3PAR is the leading developer of Utility Storage systems that enable companies to exploit information to its full potential. 3PAR’s multi-tenancy, carrier-class solutions permit organizations to share access to a centralized repository of information or set of storage assets for enterprise-scale applications such as Business Intelligence and CRM.
Alacritech, Inc Posted : 07/25/2001 Hits:395
Alacritech provides high-performance networking products that significantly improve the performance of the Internet, corporate networks, and network-based applications. Alacritech's innovative Session Layer Interface Card (SLIC) Technology is the first fully-compatible technology to offload network protocol data processing from the central processing unit (CPU).
Sanera Systems, Inc. Posted : 03/21/2001 Hits:394
Sanera Systems is building industry first director class terabit switching system for the Storage Area Network Market. At Sanera Systems, we have architected our infrastructure products from ground up to be securely scalable. Our infrastructure products are built on high availability and fault tolerant principles and incorporate innovative management framework which removes complexity from storage management and can cope with the evolution of underlying transport standards like Fibre Channel, Infiniband and iSCSI at speeds upto 10Gbps.
Kenamea, Inc. Posted : 10/13/2000 Hits:393
Kenamea delivers Web messaging software that enhances the usability and productivity of end-user Internet applications. Kenamea helps your business extend mission-critical applications to your dispersed workforce and improves your reach and effectiveness with partners and customers.
Aperto Networks Posted : 11/16/2000 Hits:380
Aperto Networks is a leading provider of multiservice broadband wireless access systems. The company was founded to provide a breakthrough solution to one of today's critical network bottlenecks - last-mile broadband access. With practical, scalable systems and patent-pending technology that supports new wireless builds and complement existing wireline broadband access technology, Aperto addresses service provider needs for rapid network deployment, multiservice scalability, ease of installation and cost-effectiveness. Aperto will dramatically shorten the lengthy provisioning cycles of broadband services by enabling rapid service provisioning across dense urban to suburban locations.
Visto Corporation Posted : 11/13/2001 Hits:379
Visto is the premier managed mobile access provider that enables IT professionals to rapidly deploy a complete Enterprise-wide solution for remote access to corporate messaging applications. The Visto mLynx Access Family of software and services provides immediate, cost-effective and secure access to the most widely used applications (email, calendar, contacts) across a broad array of devices, including notebook PCs, home PCs, PDAs and mobile phones.
Fast Chip Inc. Posted : 07/24/2000 Hits:371
Fast-Chip, Incorporated is a privately held, venture funded fabless semiconductor company founded in 1998 that provides communication ICs for network equipment OEMs. By combining its extensive knowledge of system level networking design with world-class expertise in custom VLSI design, Fast-Chip seeks to be the foremost provider of high performance network processing solutions that enable the delivery of premium, value-added services for next generation WAN infrastructure applications.
0-In Design Automation, Inc Posted : 12/13/2001 Hits:368
0-In Design Automation, Inc. (pronounced "zero-in") is a privately held electronic design automation (EDA) company providing functional verification products that help verify multi-million gate ASIC and SOC designs.
BitBlitz Communications Posted : 03/19/2001 Hits:364
BitBlitz Communications, Inc., is the world’s leading innovator of high-speed physical layer devices. A venture-funded semiconductor company based in Silicon Valley, its mission is to create high-speed serial communication integrated circuits to boost the performance of systems such as Internet, en­terprise networks, servers, workstations and high-end personal computers.
ChipWrights, Inc. Posted : 02/05/2001 Hits:352
ChipWrights is a venture capital backed company designing high performance pixel processing devices for next generation digital imaging applications. The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) market is the fastest growing segment in the semiconductor industry. Dataquest projects the worldwide market for programmable DSPs to be growing at nearly 25%. DSPs are continually being driven by advances in silicon processing technology and DSP-based solutions are finding their way into an ever-increasing number of end products. With the explosion of new applications for DSPs, many opportunities exist for new digital signal processor architectures.
Alibre, Inc. Posted : 08/25/2000 Hits:345
Alibre Inc. offers Alibre Design, the only low-cost application for 3D mechanical design, real-time collaboration and data sharing: three technologies in one application. Built for the Internet with a peer-to-peer architecture, Alibre Design lets users securely share, create, modify and discuss product designs with colleagues in real-time-even if they use different CAD applications. And because Alibre Design offers a CAD-neutral platform at a low price, it complements users' existing CAD and PDM tools. By collaborating and sharing data online, users can slash costs, boost productivity, improve quality and shorten manufacturing cycles.
eDial, Inc. Posted : 03/14/2001 Hits:344
eDial is dedicated to the development of next generation telephony solutions that leverage existing corporate infrastructures to improve productivity and reduce costs. The company's innovative eDial Telephony Server enables easy to use call control and management on any voice network, from any application. eDial has leveraged its technology to deliver the following four leading voice solutions: eDial Voice Conferencing System, eDial Desktop Voice Conferencing System, eDial Mobile Call Control System and the eDial Call Control Platform.
Aeritas, Inc. Posted : 02/20/2001 Hits:342
A leading innovator in mobile commerce technology, Aeritas is founded on the principle that Web and wireless technologies were not created equal and simply "pushing" Web content to mobile devices will not meet the needs of today's growing number of mobile consumers. While the proliferation of mobile devices presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses to reach more customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers, capitalizing on this opportunity hinges on a company's ability to implement mobile services that begin with a deep understanding of when, where and how a customer prefers to transact business.
Inkra, Inc. Posted : 03/01/2001 Hits:342
Inkra Networks offers a combined hardware and software platform to deploy dedicated IP services with shared-service economics in enterprise and service provider data centers. The Virtual Service Architecture (VSA) integrates thousands of dedicated hardware, software, service, and management elements in a single, highly available system
Z-force Communications, Inc Posted : 12/14/2001 Hits:340
Z-Force has invented a new class of products that will overcome the limitations of the aging clustered architectures in network-attached storage (NAS). In its final stages of development, this new class of products is built using Z-force patented technology, and will enable NAS environments to transfer file data at terabit wire speeds, in an architecture that offers unlimited, easy-to-manage scalability at a low cost.

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