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All Instant, Inc. [Posted : 02/23/2001   Hit :160]  
Our business is to optimize your business model with our unique technology, know-how and reliability. The All Instant solution turns static destinations into dynamic platforms. This allows you to better sell, communicate and support your customers. We have developed tailored systems that leverage the value of online presence and merge it into instant marketing, content and communication applications. We then tailor our technology to your specific needs.

AltoWeb, Inc. [Posted : 06/09/2000   Hit :164]  
AltoWeb is the first company to provide Visual e-Business Infrastructure software. AltoWeb enables the rapid assembly of Web applications with a component-based architecture that delivers seamless access to data from disparate sources--both inside and outside an organization. Supported industry standards include J2EE, XML, HTML, WML, JSP, and ASP. AltoWeb dramatically changes the Web experience and accelerates deployment of innovative solutions, in real-time.

Avinon, Inc. [Posted : 03/08/2001   Hit :19]  
Avinon provides an innovative e-business application platform designed to help companies quickly transform their customer, partner and employee-facing business processes into modular Web-based applications. Leveraging the emerging Web services application architecture and featuring a unique scenario-driven approach, Avinon's NetScenario software empowers business experts to collaborate more effectively with IT to become both drivers and co-creators of new online initiatives. Applicable across the extended enterprise value chain, Avinon enables creation of e-business solutions with greater speed, agility and innovation than ever before.

B-50, Inc. [Posted : 05/08/2001   Hit :17]  
Today, b-50 operates independently and is led by a team of experienced restaurant, technology and Internet professionals. Jeff and Lee Engler of Border Foods, Inc. founded in 1999. Border Foods, Inc. currently operates 178 franchised fast-food restaurants located primarily in Minnesota. b-50 is an enterprise solutions provider for multi-unit franchise operators.

BigMachines, Inc. [Posted : 12/12/2000   Hit :203]  
BigMachines is the definitive provider of eBusiness software and services designed specifically for engineered products. BigMachines was founded on the vision of offering solutions to help manufacturers of complex equipment drastically improve inefficient business processes, reduce costs and increase revenue.

BigSoftE, Inc. [Posted : 12/12/2000   Hit :101]  
At BigSoftE, we know that the business-software buyer and user comes first. That's why our greatest resources are dedicated to serving the computing public. We believe that by providing the very best tools for the business community, the rest comes easy. Now...the industry can finally maximize the power of the Internet with BigSoftE.

BlackFin, Inc. [Posted : 04/10/2001   Hit :26]  
Blackfin is first to market a comprehensive B2B Enterprise Management software solution for the Global 2000 marketplace. Blackfin B2BEM enables companies to monitor, manage and control mission-critical business transactions, applications, and systems across the extended enterprise.

Blue292, Inc. [Posted : 12/27/2000   Hit :91]  
Blue292 is the world's leading provider of environmental, health, and safety eBusiness application software. Blue292 offers its customers an extensive ASP solution, products and services, exclusive product listings, a robust portfolio of e-procurement solutions, as well as a cost-effective sales and marketing channel - all to help reduce IT infrastructure and procurement costs for both buyers and sellers while increasing productivity. To do this in a workplace that maintains high levels of integrity, accountability, respect, discipline this is the Blue292 philosophy.

Buildfolio, Inc. [Posted : 05/14/2001   Hit :17]  
Buildfolio provides Enterprise-class software, mobile and ASP solutions for the $3.6 Trillion Real Estate and Construction Industry. Buildfolio's leading solutions includes Buildfolio Advance Sourcing System (BASS), Buildfolio Transaction Network (BTN), and Buildfolio Mobile Solutions (BMS).

Cytura, Corp. [Posted : 06/08/2001   Hit :20]  
Cytura is the first enterprise class content management and personalization driven portal framework solution that enables global organizations to syndicate personalized web services and content to their various constituents.

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