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Blue Tarp, Inc. [Posted : 06/08/2001   Hit :17]  
BlueTarp offers a specialized commercial purchase card program for the building material industry. The card helps dealers and contractors by gathering information about each purchase and delivering it quickly in simple, easy to read reports that are organized by job.

Brodia, Inc.. [Posted : 11/21/2000   Hit :86]  
Brodia is defining the way consumers manage their online activities. Using the Personal Commerce Manager™ (PCM), an integrated suite of applications and resources, Brodia dramatically simplifies purchasing and payments across the Web. Our company's advanced online commerce platform delivers a rich array of services, from password management, product research, price comparison, and merchant evaluation, to automatic form fill, enhanced payment security, transaction record keeping, privacy protection, and a rewards program. Offered in partnership with leading financial institutions, the Brodia PCM transforms common payment cards, including credit and debit cards, into powerful consumer tools.

Clareon, Inc. [Posted : 02/09/2001   Hit :64]  
Welcome to Clareon and our online business payment solution, PayMode™. Working with your existing accounts payable and receivable system, and any banking relationship, PayMode is proven technology that enables online business-to-business payment, reconciliation and settlement with cost-saving efficiency and state-of-the-art security.

Derivion, Inc. [Posted : 01/16/2001   Hit :77]  
Derivion is the only e-billing application service provider (ASP) to leverage the power of the Internet to automate the bill delivery and payment process for organizations driven by recurring billing. Under the guidance of our experienced management team we are committed to delivering superior e-billing solutions to our customers. We deliver results through our own innovative solutions and via our many strategic partnerships, which enable Derivion to deliver a comprehensive, cost-effective approach for deploying and managing e-billing services.

E-Duction, Inc. [Posted : 10/05/2000   Hit :88]  
e-Ductiontm is the process that lets employees pay for products and services out of future paychecks with 0% INTEREST. Since 1997, e-Ductiontm has been successfully working for over 200 employers across the country by offering payroll deduction to pay for products and services. The entire Veterans Administration (VA) health care system including nurses, doctors and administrators purchase uniforms, medical equipment and various other products and services through payroll deduction. For example, John Q. Employee purchases a $200 brief case, $50 will be deducted biweekly over John’s next four paychecks.

eConnect, Inc. [Posted : 10/04/2000   Hit :103]  
In its aggressive pursuit to deliver diverse, leading-edge solutions, eConnect is creating a wide range of customer-driven service programs that will increase the security of consumer internet transactions by the simple usage of hardware devices to send credit or ATM card with PIN payments.

eONE Global, Inc. [Posted : 04/10/2001   Hit :13]  
Through our relationships with e-commerce and payment services leader First Data Corp., and the complementary resources of iFormation Group, we are fueling business and paving profitable solutions for the New Economy. Our operating companies, SurePay and govONE Solutions, and a network of emerging payment companies are the nucleus of this evolving payments infrastructure.

iPIN [Posted : 08/13/1999   Hit :302]  
iPIN is the premier provider of e-Payment software worldwide. iPIN's e-Payment solutions offer convenience and security to consumers as they make Web and wireless purchases. Capitalizing upon the established infrastructure that processes credit and debit card payments, iPIN complements existing payment card channels by expanding the selection of e-Payment funding options within both the physical and virtual world. With iPIN, the payment options become limitless!, Inc. [Posted : 09/11/2000   Hit :88]  
Merchants can now sell online the content that their customers demand. Consumers can now buy exactly what they want at the prices they are willing to pay. No more wallets or online currency gimmicks. microCreditCard enables transactions for as little as 10˘. Everyone who uses the Internet is now free to buy or sell in any increment they choose, adding a powerful weapon to the revenue streams of e-businesses.

PayMethods Company, Inc. [Posted : 10/02/2000   Hit :89]  
Companies are rapidly implementing e-commerce systems to tap into new revenue streams, take advantage of increased efficiencies and develop new trade relationships. With the addition of new sales channels, the complexity of managing credit grows and the need for customer financing expands. PayMethods provides an enterprise solution that helps merchants leverage technology to increase their financing options and gives lenders an efficient way to underwrite new customer credit. The PayMethods solution enables merchants to partner with multiple lenders who have diverse credit criteria, in order to provide more credit to their customers. Although traditional credit systems are oriented towards a single lender, our solution integrates at the point-of-sale providing credit authorization from multiple lenders and empowering merchants with the ability to deliver online customer credit account information.

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