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Actional, Inc. [Posted : 12/31/2000   Hit :226]  
Actional is a provider of web services infrastructure software. Web services allow companies to fully exploit existing IT investments by delivering IT functions – such as accounts, ERP, sales or workflow – via internet-based standards.

Afara WebSystems [Posted : 07/26/2001   Hit :14]  
Afara is developing IP traffic management systems that will bring quality-of-service to the next generation of IP access infrastructure., Inc. [Posted : 08/16/2001   Hit :26]  
Appliant offers hosted Web performance management services designed to meet the needs of any company, regardless of size. Services monitor and report real customer Web transactions both inside and outside the firewall to provide comprehensive insight into the quality of customers' Web experience.

Black Pearl, Inc. [Posted : 01/09/2001   Hit :98]  
Black Pearl was formed to address a pervasive IT problem: how to convert the data and know-how bound up within almost every enterprise into useful intelligence. This has been an exceptionally difficult problem to solve for three reasons: (1) the data that form the basis for the intelligence are distributed, heterogeneous, and dynamic; (2) the business rules that convert the data into intelligence are similarly diverse and dynamic; and, (3) the IT resources needed to bring the data and know-how together are limited. Previous technologies have been unable to accommodate this complexity in a high performance manner while remaining easy to implement and maintain.

Brecis, Inc. [Posted : 01/09/2001   Hit :97]  
BRECIS is focused on enabling next-generation networking applications over the "last mile" - that is between the customer premise and the network access point. We provide technology that enables high-speed data access to be combined with services like enhanced data security, toll-quality voice, value-added telephony services, and video on demand. Our multi-service architecture will help unleash new services to consumers and businesses and enable service providers to seamlessly provision value-added services to their customers.

Calix, Inc. [Posted : 06/12/2001   Hit :24]  
Lots of companies are here to build a box; Calix is here to build a business. Our team of seasoned networking industry veterans, assembled from the worlds of telecom and datacom, is driven to help merge the two into one. We're here to solve real-world carrier problems. We're focused on helping to create a new realm where both voice and innovative new data services can be brought to the subscriber -- and exceptional customer service can be provided to the carrier. We're also quietly building a business with a planned longevity few companies have ever imagined.

Cambia Networks, Inc. [Posted : 02/27/2001   Hit :82]  
Cambia Networks, Inc. is a Chicago-based, network equipment provider delivering best of breed next generation wireless infrastructure equipment. Cambia Networks' products will provide wireless service providers with data gateway solutions focused on high bandwidth applications that will be associated with next generation wide area wireless networks (or 3G). Critical to the development of these products is the ability to bridge the Wireless (radio network) to Internet (IP or data) networks with a scalable platform. Specifically, Cambia Networks will be building the PDSN (Packet Data Serving Node) and HA (Home Agent) products for the CDMA markets and the GGSN (Gateway GPRS Support Node) for the GPRS markets (for 2.5G and then 3G).Cambia Networks' management, technical and sales team is comprised of top talent from worldwide industry leaders such as Motorola, 3Com, Cisco and Spider Systems.

Channelinx, Inc. [Posted : 04/17/2001   Hit :16]  
ChanneLinx is the premier provider of electronic commerce infrastructure for the building materials and construction industry. As such, we provide strategies, products, and services that make it easy for companies of all sizes to buy, sell, and exchange information over the Internet.

Cohesia Corporation [Posted : 03/08/2001   Hit :17]  
Cohesia Corporation was founded in January 2000, after a strategic transition was completed in its business focus. While Cohesia Corporation began as a engineering/implementation consulting firm, the past several years have been marked by an increasing emphasis on product development. Along with its name change to Cohesia Corporation, the company formalizes its new focus on Energizing Information for Business™: delivering products built on the IntelliDoc® technology, a patent-pending methodology for creating and capturing the content of business documents and specifications in a dynamic, intelligent format.

CombineNet, Inc. [Posted : 05/30/2001   Hit :67]  
CombineNet has secured the intellectual property of the world's leading experts in advanced combinatorial optimization. The company's flagship product, called ClearBox™, successfully implements patented, breakthrough optimization technologies to solve highly complex business allocation problems. Initially, ClearBox™ is being used in strategic sourcing and to optimize manufacturing distribution networks.

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