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Blue Wireless, Inc. [Posted : 11/13/2000   Hit :222]  
Blue Wireless is a leading provider of applications and services for voice-enabled wireless portals. We help connect mobile professionals and consumers to personalized news, enterprise data, transactions, and other time-sensitive information in audio format. Our patent-pending platform aggregates, re-purposes, categorizes, and personalizes audio content. The result is highly sticky mobile applications that can dramatically increase wireless usage and increase productivity by connecting people to relevant information.

Bluefire Security Technologies, Inc [Posted : 11/18/2002   Hit :35]  
Bluefire Security Technologies is a leader in handheld security solutions-a key enabler of the exploding mobile and wireless applications revolution. The Bluefire Mobile Firewall Plus solution, the world's first complete firewall for handheld devices, provides firewall, intrusion detection, integrity management, and other security features as well as policy-based enterprise security management to enable the safe use of mobile and wireless applications. Bluefire secures your handheld to protect your information and your company anywhere, anytime., Inc. [Posted : 01/08/2001   Hit :162]  
BlueKite's corporate mission is to make ubiquitous Internet access a reality by creating mobile computing solutions that transform wireless into the preferred method of access. We build partnerships with network operators and ISPs, and concentrate on making our partners successful not only with today's 2nd generation networks, but also with tomorrow's evolving 3rd generation technology. Through a vigilant focus on bandwidth optimization, our products benefit both end users and operators by reaching performance and cost levels previously unattainable.

BlueSocket, Inc. [Posted : 09/07/2000   Hit :648]  
Bluesocket, Inc. manufactures high performance solutions enabling the broad deployment and effective management of wireless local area networks (WLANs) for data and voice communications in enterprises worldwide. Bluesocket's systems are optimized to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of wireless LANs while maximizing their benefits.

Boingo Wireless, Inc. [Posted : 12/21/2001   Hit :45]  
Boingo is an easy-to-use, ultra high-speed wireless Internet service in hundreds of hot spot locations. Using 802.11b or Wi-Fi, the most popular standard for wireless networks worldwide, Boingo provides ultra high-speed wireless Internet access from airports, hotels, cafes and many other places when you’re on the road.

Brience, Inc. [Posted : 05/02/2000   Hit :324]  
Innovations in wireless and broadband technology are opening up endless opportunities for those flexible and fast enough to take advantage of them. These innovations are quickly creating a world in which your customers, partners and employees will use the Web to reach any information, anywhere, at any time, regardless of their location or means of access. This new world offers new opportunities for companies to provide unimaginably rich user experiences that are far faster, more efficient and customized to the needs of the individual user than any wireless experience today. It also raises the bar for all eBusinesses -- users will no longer be satisfied to adapt to the requirements of doing business over the Web; from now on, the Web must adapt to them.

Brightpod, Inc. [Posted : 09/27/2000   Hit :237]  
By 2003, analysts predict, more Americans will access the Internet with wireless devices like mobile phones and PDAs than with desktop computers. It's clear that businesses without a mobile Internet presence will soon be left behind.At Brightpod, we believe there's a smarter way for enterprises of all sizes to go mobile. Our approach is to assemble customized portfolios of pre-packaged applications -- the best mobile Internet technologies around -- and offer them on a subscription basis. No custom developer can provide this sort of quick, affordable, one-stop shopping.

Brivo Systems, Inc [Posted : 10/23/2001   Hit :37]  
Brivo Systems, Inc. develops products and services that provide remote device control solutions to businesses. Brivo's managed and hosted solutions are based on proprietary technology that connects remote assets to the Internet using wireless communications.

Broadbeam Corporation [Posted : 08/28/2001   Hit :55]  
Broadbeam Corporation is a global wireless solutions provider that offers comprehensive wireless hosting services, the industry-leading wireless development platform and professional services that enable companies to develop, deploy and manage mobile data solutions. Broadbeam has established a worldwide customer base in over 500 companies.

BroadCloud Communications, Inc. [Posted : 08/29/2000   Hit :255]  
BroadCloud Communications is the technology leader in empowering mobile professionals with broadband wireless Internet capabilities. The Company is marketing a powerful new suite of services that uses its advanced, patent-pending technology to make wireless Internet connections twice as reliable, up to 10 times faster, and use 75 percent less bandwidth.

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