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AirMagnet, Inc. [Posted : 05/01/2002   Hit :204]  
AirMagnet, Inc. addresses the unique challenges confronting network and security professionals in deploying and maintaining wireless networks, with a new generation of integrated solutions designed for wireless network administration.

AirMedia, Inc. [Posted : 04/02/2001   Hit :129]  
The AirMedia® Hub is your gateway to doing business on the wireless Internet. It's a fully automated, browser-based content delivery system that lets you broadcast "channels"-news, sports scores, stock alerts, virtually anything-to your customers' mobile devices, even if you know zero about wireless. The Hub gives you the power to launch your own branded wireless service, create new "channels" using your content, manage your wireless business 24x7, set subscription rates, and even allow your customers to create their own channels.

AirPrime, Inc. [Posted : 09/11/2001   Hit :495]  
AirPrime is a leading provider of high-speed, CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) wireless data and voice products to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) market. Working under a full CDMA subscriber license from QUALCOMM, AirPrime provides technology-leading wireless access solutions for use in handheld computers, notebook PCs and a variety of other mobile computing products. AirPrime develops technology platforms to cover the entire range of current and next-generation CDMA standards from IS-95 A/B to CDMA2000 1X, 1xEV-DO and beyond.

Airslide Systems, Inc. [Posted : 08/22/2000   Hit :291]  
Airslide Systems Inc is a dynamic US based networking company with R&D and Design Facilities in Israel, aiming to use tomorrow’s technology to solve today’s cellular networking problems. Wireless networks are dependent on wireline technologies. Today’s Cellular Networks consist of three internal networks; one for Signaling, one for Voice and one for Data. No matter how you slice it, this topology is wasteful and costly to maintain.

Airvana, Inc. [Posted : 03/21/2002   Hit :65]  
Airvana designs and builds all-IP 3G Radio Access Network (RAN) infrastructure equipment. Airvana employs some of the best data networking and wireless professionals in the world who are inspired by the belief that the Internet Protocol (IP) will change wireless networks as profoundly as it has changed wired networks.

Akonix, Inc. [Posted : 05/10/2001   Hit :71]  
Akonix Corporation is the leading supplier of e-business software applications that enhance Web sites with communications and community features. Akonix's products enable Internet businesses to create and extend relationships with customers and prospects, as well as allowing those customers to form relationships amongst themselves.

Ameranth, Inc. [Posted : 10/12/2000   Hit :270]  
Ameranth Technology Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of wireless system software to the hospitality industry. The Company's software applications, which run on PocketPC wireless handheld computers, communicate with legacy back office systems over wireless LANs—moving the point of activity from fixed terminals to where it belongs—by the customer's side. Ameranth's 21st Century Restaurant system is set to become the industry standard for wireless ordering and payment processing in restaurants.

AppForge, Inc. [Posted : 01/17/2001   Hit :168]  
AppForge software was created to solve the difficulties that we encountered as developers in the embedded development industry. Those challenges convinced us to invest our time creating software so powerful that it dramatically saves your application development time. AppForge software will enable more than 55% of the world's programmers to create efficient and sophisticated applications for the Palm OS. We expect this breakthrough to dramatically increase the overall number and uses of handheld and wireless products and applications.

Applied Wave Research, Inc. [Posted : 07/29/2002   Hit :128]  
Applied Wave Research, Inc., (AWR) is a worldwide leader in high-frequency electronic design automation (EDA) software for wireless, high-speed wireline, and electro-optical applications.

AppReach, Inc. [Posted : 05/22/2001   Hit :75]  
AppReach, Inc. is a provider of wireless enterprise software that extends an enterprise's existing investment in their packaged applications to specific wireless devices. AppReach is adding value to enterprise packaged applications like Siebel by developing a new breed of wireless functionality to make the mobile end user and the enterprise more productive in terms of better data consumption and delivery, improved customer service, and revenue velocity.

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