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FileFlow [Posted : 06/29/2000   Hit :41]  
FileFlow™ develops and offers the world's fastest and most secure Internet-based delivery and storage systems for any kind of file, as well as solutions for enhancing the workflow for any company with access to the Internet. FileFlow's solutions are fast, secure, user friendly and reliable because we incorporate the world's leading proprietary compression technology, a highly advanced encryption technology, intuitive user interfaces, and state-of-the-art hardware. [Posted : 11/04/1999   Hit :121]  
Founded in 1998, i-drive provides free personal space on the Web to over 6.5 million registered users. i-drive members can easily store, access and share desktop documents and internet content with any Web-connected computer. i-drive's Web content collection features allow users to gather MP3s, photos, images and Web pages and Sideload them to their i-drive in seconds, enabling content sites to develop a persistent connection to their users. i-drive has partnered with leading sites such as ZDNet, and Homestead to offer value-added services.

InSite One, Inc. [Posted : 11/06/2001   Hit :11]  
InSiteOne is a service provider offering digital image storage and archiving solutions for the medical community. It offers hospitals, imaging centers and physician group practices a versatile, affordable and secure method for contracting the warehousing, storage and access of digital radiological images.

SpiderCache, Inc. [Posted : 08/31/2000   Hit :43]  
Free your web site from slow page response and the bandwidth bottleneck. SpiderCache lets companies deliver flexible, dynamic personalized content both on the Web and Intranets faster than ever before. SpiderCache is a powerful, new way to move ahead in eBusiness and improve your site's performance. SpiderCache serves content faster to the end-user, and allows web servers to handle more people. [Posted : 03/23/2000   Hit :67]  
Located in San Diego, Calif,, provides a secure Web site featuring the WebDrive virtual disk, which gives a subscriber 10 to 50 MB of storage capacity at no charge. [Posted : 12/22/1999   Hit :73]  
SwapDrive, the first company to provide a web-based operating software for data storage, is allowing its customers to connect their computer systems, or simply "plug in", to store and access their data much the same way they obtain everyday utility services such as electricity or telephone service. SwapDrive delivers a family of data storage software services known as the SwapDrive Operating Software (SOS).

X: Drive [Posted : 12/22/1999   Hit :74]  
X:drive is a FREE service that gives members FREE storage space on the Internet to securely organize, store, publish and share any type of file. With X:drive, members can drag and drop, and even edit their Internet files, just like local C:drive files. Members can also access and manage their online files anywhere, anytime through the X:drive browser.

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