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@theMoment, Inc. [Posted : 02/15/2000   Hit :254]  
With the accelerated growth of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce, @TheMoment, Inc. was founded in 1999 to fill the need for a "one-stop shop" for Net market makers and brick and mortars. The premier enabler of dynamic commerce, @TheMoment delivers a wide-range of powerful dynamic pricing tools such as real-time price discovery as well as measure elasticity of demand and revenue management. With @TheMoment's comprehensive dynamic pricing offering, Net market makers and brick and mortars can better manage inventory and demand, and in turn, generate new or capture previously lost revenues - an order of magnitude more valuable to customers (and to the industry) than merely processing transactions.

alibris [Posted : 08/27/2001   Hit :42]  
Alibris is the leading global supplier of hard-to-find books, providing bookstores, online booksellers, distributors, libraries, and consumers with out-of-print, used, foreign-language, and collectible materials. With a worldwide network of booksellers and efficient distribution capabilities, Alibris is the most reliable source of hard-to-find books for customers around the world.

AlterEgo Networks [Posted : 12/21/2000   Hit :105]  
AlterEgo Networks Inc. is the leading provider of Adaptive Network Services™ for the wireless Internet. The company's powerful nationwide network of distributed servers adapt and distribute rich, customized web content and applications at high speeds to users accessing the Internet via a variety of wireless and connected devices, including PDAs, cell phones, pagers, mobile laptops and a range of Internet appliances. Founded in December 1999, AlterEgo Networks is based in Redwood City, California. [Posted : 11/28/2000   Hit :97] is a new company offering the highest quality fine art prints selected from the world's leading museums, archives and contemporary artists. Founded by James Danziger, gallerist and art-historian, Artland seeks to fill the gap between posters and original works of art sold at galleries. The latest digital printing technology allows Artland to offer fine prints of unprecedented quality at extremely affordable prices. These state-of-the-art prints, called Artland Masterprints will be available at and through select retailers nationwide beginning late fall 2000.

Aurora [Posted : 08/07/2000   Hit :136]  

Bowstreet Software Inc. [Posted : 08/05/1999   Hit :303]  
Bowstreet, a leading provider of business web automation solutions for plug-and-play e-commerce, is at the forefront of the "business web" revolution, which will let companies grow their businesses on the web in ways they've never dreamed. Through the combination of a unique, patent-pending product, the Bowstreet(tm) Business Web Factory, and the company's trading hub for web services - - Bowstreet is transforming the World Wide Web from a collection of hard-wired web sites into a dynamic and fluid web of interconnected businesses. Companies will form instant B2B web connections to sell products through entirely new relationships over the web and create richer offerings for existing customers. And for the first time, Bowstreet's solutions will enable line-of-business managers to take complete control of e-business without technical help.

EC [Posted : 12/28/1999   Hit :205]  
The solution is revolutionary. Through, you can seamlessly and efficiently exchange business information with everyone you do business with, regardless of the types of business systems they have. All you need is access to the Internet. Neither party needs to install any software, hardware or employ additional staff. With, suppliers, customers, carriers, and support services can all be easily and efficiently communicated with no matter where they are on the information technology map.

ECtone [Posted : 07/28/2000   Hit :124]  
ECtone is an emerging B2B firm that provides a suite of services to companies conducting business over the Internet. Founded by Internet veterans with experience in B2B commerce technology, ECtone is well positioned to address a growing need in the B2B e-commerce space. ECtone is funded privately and has strategic partnerships with several industry leading partners.

Ejasent, Inc. [Posted : 11/01/2000   Hit :104]  
Ejasent owns and operates a global, distributed, interactive services network that enables eBusinesses to allocate computing resources in real time to meet the needs of variable, unpredictable and opportunistic Internet traffic. Ejasent enables enterprises to exercise granular control over the provisioning, deployment and scaling of Web infrastructure based on price/user response time goals set by the enterprise. Deploying Ejasent, an enterprise has the ability to transparently and virtually extend its existing central site capabilities without costly, complex and slow site expansion., Inc. [Posted : 01/25/2000   Hit :273]  
Found, Inc. is an innovative e-infrastructure technology solution provider that utilizes the Internet to give retailers and manufacturers a powerful tool to rapidly and cost-effectively allow their customers to source, find and purchase products online or offline from their regional distribution centers or local retail stores. Key strategic partnerships include Sun Microsystems, Informix Software, and Excalibur Technologies

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