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170 Systems, Inc [Posted : 04/17/2002   Hit :2588]  
170 Systems, Inc. provides enterprise software products that enable Global 1000 organizations to capture and manage all of their information online and optimize both intra-company and business-to-business processes. 170 Systems products enhance business processes in financial, procurement, customer relationship management, human resources, project management, and self-service software applications. 170 Systems solutions are used today by Global 1000 organizations worldwide, in all industries, to support and streamline mission-critical business processes and operations.

1Vision Software, Inc. [Posted : 01/17/2001   Hit :236]  
Our company develops storage management software for PC users who need to manage and protect the files they store on removable media.

2WAY [Posted : 12/28/2000   Hit :225]  
2WAY Corporation provides companies with solutions that enable collaboration and communication with internal and external customers. 2WAY's enterprise applications allow businesses to engage customers, partners and employees in a personalized information exchange, gathering more accurate and timely knowledge to help companies to power intelligent decisions.

Accelent Systems [Posted : 08/15/2001   Hit :104]  
As a leading enabler of Internet appliances, Accelent Systems provides a proven solution for rapidly developing robust Windows CE / Microsoft Pocket PC and Linux operating system and ARM® processor based (StrongARM / XScale) products. With its solution of system software, development tools and engineering services, Accelent provides its customers with a means to expedite time-to-market at less cost and risk than traditional development methods.

Active IQ Technologies [Posted : 12/21/2000   Hit :201]  
The Internet is dramatically changing how business is conducted. Companies and their customers, suppliers, partners, and distributors now have the means to more fully automate and extend the reach of their businesses. As a result, e-commerce is growing exponentially. To succeed in the new economy businesses must have the flexibility to adapt to and capitalize on new channels of e-commerce. The danger of not participating in this exciting new channel can be catastrophic: the loss of traditional customers, and being eclipsed by competitors who are able and willing to adapt.

Advanced Reality, Inc [Posted : 01/31/2002   Hit :83]  
Advanced Reality, Inc. is a start up developer of software that makes existing and new applications collaborative, without the need for complex programming, expensive infrastructure, or third party services. The company's flagship product, Presence-AR, enables real-time collaboration across any computing platform, operating system, application, and access device.

Aegis Analytical Corporation [Posted : 01/30/2001   Hit :179]  
Aegis Analytical Corporation develops industry-leading Manufacturing Informatics(TM) software systems for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, natural products, food processing, specialty chemical and medical device manufacturers. Customers use Aegis’ Discoverant software system to improve the profitability and predictability of their manufacturing processes. Predictable plant performance is required for manufacturers to improve their profitability, streamline their enterprise and benefit from the migration to e-business. Discoverant is an innovative integration of statistics, graphics, and middleware technology that enables, for the first time, direct analysis of process data from many manufacturing-related data sources scattered across the enterprise.

AfterBOT, Inc [Posted : 12/14/2001   Hit :73]  
AfterBot, Inc. was founded to revolutionize the way retailers and consumer goods producers connect with their customers. Through the power of the Internet and an emerging standard known simply as digital receipt technology, we can change the way retailers and consumer goods producers interact with their customers after the sale.

Agari Mediaware, Inc. [Posted : 04/08/2002   Hit :150]  
Agari Mediaware is an infrastructure software company that has developed the first enterprise middleware platform for the integration of rich media digital content applications. Traditional integration middleware has only addressed integrating the structured data stored in the database systems of enterprise applications.

Ai Metrix, Inc [Posted : 09/10/2001   Hit :120]  
Ai Metrix, Inc., is the technology leader in comprehensive service management software. The NeuralStar application suite offers integrated solutions for inventory management, service assurance, and integrated service activation for next-generation broadband networks. NeuralStar is deployed in some of the most complex, mission-critical environments in the world. Major customers include the United States Department of Defense; Broadwing, Inc; and Comcast Business Communications.

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