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ClearWire, Inc. [Posted : 04/24/2001   Hit :49]  
Clearwire Technologies, Inc., is a privately-held provider of high-speed, wireless Internet access. We leverage radio frequency (RF) technology to offer broadband access that is quick, cost-effective, reliable and easy to install. Clearwire™ represents an attractive alternative in the increasingly competitive race to provide affordable, broadband Internet connectivity. With ISDN, T1 and DSL, it can take weeks or even months before a customer is installed. Because the Clearwire solution is wireless, it can be installed easily and quickly, usually within five days. In addition, the Clearwire solution provides high-speed access to users in rural or difficult-to-reach areas, where traditional connectivity solutions are not available or economically feasible.

Clickmarks, Inc. [Posted : 06/11/2001   Hit :138]  
Clickmarks provides customizable applications and services for the B2B/B2E and wireless markets, delivering any content, and enabling any transaction across a full range of devices and platforms. Clickmarks provides end-to-end solutions for enterprises seeking instant aggregation, personalization and mobilization of content and applications. Clickmarks' products and services will reduce the cost of operations for a wide variety of companies in its target markets, increase their productivity, and mobilize their userbases.

Colligo Networks, Inc [Posted : 02/11/2002   Hit :42]  
Colligo provides collaboration solutions that enable mobile workers to communicate and share information in the office or on the road - simply, instantly and efficiently. Utilizing peer-to-peer technology to connect users directly over corporate and wireless networks, including 802.11 wireless LANs and Bluetooth, Colligo's Portable Collaborative Networking (PCN) solutions extend and streamline business processes without the need for access to corporate servers or the Internet.

ComCreation Inc [Posted : 03/29/2001   Hit :30]  
ComCreation offers Ajooba is a Wireless Demand Chain Management Software, which enables Continuous Connectivity and Visibility between the various components of your Demand Chain.

Command Audio, Corp. [Posted : 01/24/2000   Hit :277]  
Command Audio is the world's first wireless audio-on-demand service, giving listeners instant access to the latest versions of hundreds of programs and complete control over their selection and delivery. Command Audio formatting makes it possible to scan from program-to-program or story-to-story, to pause selections and even to save programs for later playback.

Commtag [Posted : 03/20/2001   Hit :42]  
Commtag is a rapidly expanding, Cambridge-based company specialising in enabling-technology for peer-to-peer wireless applications and services. Commtag is an associate member of the Bluetooth SIG and a founder member of Cambridge 3G. [Posted : 10/10/2000   Hit :149]  
We are a high–tech, totally digital, state–of–the–art broadband multimedia communications company utilizing Ka-band satellite technology that will offer crystal clear telephone, fax and broadband data transmissions for business–to–business communications and direct high-speed access into the Internet.

Consumer Direct Link, Inc. [Posted : 03/19/2001   Hit :32]  
Consumer Direct Link, Inc., is one of the pioneers in the Pervasive Computing Networks. Backed by its experience, innovation and secure solutions, Consumer Direct Link designs, develops and delivers an integrated suite of mobile devices, security chipsets, and enterprise applications for conducting mobile commerce interactions and transactions anytime and anywhere. The company's products, combined with its world-class professional services and partner technologies, provide a secure transportation link between consumer and the vertical business partners.

Corechange, Inc. [Posted : 05/11/2001   Hit :39]  
Competition is intense. Customers and partners have higher expectations. Speed dictates market success. Information is a primary currency. The tools and the content that your employees, partners and customers need already exist somewhere within the enterprise, but making them accessible in a secure, personalized and relevant way is a common business challenge.

CoWave Networks, Inc [Posted : 09/19/2001   Hit :215]  
CoWave Networks is using a new topology in its solution for cost effective wireless broadband. This innovation can be thought of as the next step in wireless network topologies after point to point (PTP) and point to multipoint (PMP). Ours is a mesh topology. It is a repeater-based broadcast mesh.

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