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MetraTech Corp [Posted : 01/03/2002   Hit :19]  
MetraTech Corp. offers the first Web services-based billing, customer care, and revenue sharing platform. The MetraNet¢â XML billing platform dramatically reduces billing costs, bills for new services quickly, offers dynamic pricing, manages business complexity and accelerates profitability for enterprises, telecommunications companies and "next-generation" service providers. MetraNet is the first billing platform that empowers customers to quickly and efficiently meet evolving business needs.

PowerMarket, Inc. [Posted : 05/08/2001   Hit :22]  
Manufacturers today are hard-pressed to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the decision-making process for direct materials procurement. They are flooded with increasing volumes of information coming from suppliers, distributors, public and private exchanges, and disparate internal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) systems. The result? Information chaos, overspending, missed opportunities, lack of coordination across the supply chain, and increased risk.

SeeCommerce [Posted : 04/02/2001   Hit :25]  
SeeCommerce enables business managers and trading partners to manage and continuously improve business performance across complex supply chains. The suite of SeeChain 4.0 products drives performance management, organizational collaboration, supply chain synchronization and workflow coordination throughout the entire supply network.

SquareTrade [Posted : 03/12/2001   Hit :23]  
SquareTrade provides the premier online dispute resolution service. Fair, accessible and Web-based, SquareTrade's critical Internet infrastructure gives buyers and sellers the confidence they need to conduct consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business e-commerce transactions.

Visual Insights [Posted : 01/04/2002   Hit :16]  
Visual Insights was formed in 1997 to leverage 10 years of Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories’ extensive R&D efforts in data visualization technology. Our eBizinsights product family is the next generation eBusiness Performance Management solution for content and branding as well as e-commerce web sites. As the world’s largest data visualization software company, premier technology companies including IBM, Cognos and i2 Technologies integrate our patented solutions to enhance their product offerings.

Wirestone, Inc. [Posted : 05/09/2001   Hit :20]  
Wirestone is a single-source digital professional services firm that provides e-business strategy, branding and technology solutions that enable its clients to successfully compete in the New Economy. Integrating strategy, technology, marketing and design, Wirestone combines the experience, technical capabilities, resources and presence of a large consulting firm with the personal service and creativity of a boutique agency.

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