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There are no sub categories., Inc. [Posted : 07/28/2000   Hit :95] redefines the meaning of search. A next-generation search engine, the company offers an integrated set of services that yield incomparably relevant results to information searches on the Web. 2Wrongs develops its robust technology for vertical markets and destination sites-from ISPs to local newspapers-and answers the growing demand for an improved search solution., LLC [Posted : 06/29/2000   Hit :33]  
Annotate has created the Internet's first content network and Find Engine to enhance and simplify the Web user experience -- providing users with the content they need when they need it.

bitpipe, Inc. [Posted : 06/29/2000   Hit :31]  
bitpipe is the only search engine and distribution network of analyst reports and vendor-produced, technical literature, such as product literature, white papers, case studies, documentation, and technical specifications. bitpipe syndicates this highly valued information to partner technology sites by combining the literature indexed in the search engine into the "look and feel" of partner Web sites.

Caesius Software, Inc. [Posted : 03/16/2001   Hit :14]  
Caesius Software provides its customers the most advanced, comprehensive tools to find, extract and manage data from the World Wide Web.

Direct Hit [Posted : 08/01/1999   Hit :335]  
Direct Hit makes searching the Internet fast and easy. Working together with major search engines, the Direct Hit system keeps track of the websites that people actually select from search results lists. By analyzing the activity of millions of previous Internet searchers, Direct Hit provides dramatically more relevant results for your search request. To use the Direct Hit service on one of our partners' web sites, simply run a search as usual at one of our search engine partners. For some of our partners, at the top of the results list, you will see a Direct Hit button you can click on to request Direct Hit's results for your search request. Direct Hit will then deliver a list of the most relevant sites chosen by previous searchers. Our other partners simply show the Direct Hit results as the first 10 sites listed. [Posted : 02/07/2000   Hit :142]  
eNow is an Internet technology and media company that empowers users to connect with real-time global human interaction and information as it unfolds anywhere in the world, including both television and radio broadcasts. By indexing the world of media content in real-time, the company's core platform allows users to experience the immediacy and relevancy of media based on their specific interests.

FactCity, Inc. [Posted : 02/28/2000   Hit :94]  
Fact City's scalable Internet infrastructure enables Web portals, wireless providers, voice-response services, and corporations, to access, deliver, and monetize a new generation of highly detailed database content. Web, wireless, and voice-response portals use Fact City's services to attract and retain traffic with vast stores of previously unavailable database information, increasing revenue through finely targeted advertising and e-commerce applications. Corporate customers leverage the technology platform to make vital business information more accessible to employees, partners and customers, through e-commerce and intranet applications.

IntelliSeek [Posted : 08/30/2000   Hit :56]  
Intelliseek’s mission is to add intelligence to the Internet. The Company is a leading provider of intelligent search, tracking and personalization infrastructure services to e-businesses. Software infrastructure services add intelligence to portals. Intelligent portals understand their target audience and their specific requirements on an ongoing basis. Intelliseek offers a suite of services that can be licensed by partners. These services enable companies to build or enhance a Website with personalized, highly relevant content and high-value Internet services to cost effectively increase customer access and retention.

iPhrase Technologies, Inc. [Posted : 08/15/2000   Hit :333]  
iPhrase is the leading provider of precision search and navigation software for self-service applications. iPhrase offers the patent-pending One Step™ platform, which combines natural language processing, multi-source retrieval, dynamic presentation and in-depth analytics to simplify access to high-value information. Through superior accuracy and usability, iPhrase One Step provides a powerful return on investment in mission-critical applications at leading companies such as Charles Schwab & Co., Yahoo!, LexisNexis and TD Waterhouse.

Liquid Engines, Inc. [Posted : 03/01/2001   Hit :44]  
Liquid Engines provides net Market Makers with an engine that can create and run multiple markets for goods and services. The engine supports exchanges, idiosyncratic markets for goods, labor, or services, auctions, competitive markets, barter, consignment stores, pawn shops, trading posts, and many other market structures as a licensed or hosted offering. Since the algorithms are general and the engine is easily configured, it can be refined and reconfigured to suit changing marketplace requirements.

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