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@hoc, Inc. [Posted : 09/11/2000   Hit :126]  
@hoc provides e-business communications software that enables companies to strengthen their relationship with customers. Using our Persistent Communications™ technology, companies expand their presence to their customers’ desktops and give customers constant access to valuable information and services. Our technology also enables companies to deliver timely content to their audiences even when they are not surfing the web or visiting the company’s web site.

Anabus [Posted : 07/31/2000   Hit :89]  
Anabus (Analytical Business Services) uses proprietary analytical and data mining techniques for promotion response and targeting. Especially relevant for CRM. Client base includes Fortune 500 pharma, utilities, media, legal and Government.

AplineAccess, LLC. [Posted : 10/09/2000   Hit :81]  
Alpine Access is a unique outsourcing provider of professional customer care and customer relationship management services. Corporations hire us to help them handle all customer contact with their consumers via telephone, e-mail, or the web. We provide great people, amazing technology and customer care expertise to our clients in order to help them... generate revenue by helping with inbound sales and order-taking efforts. generate customer loyalty by providing, extending and backing-up all customer care efforts.

Broad Daylight, Inc. [Posted : 12/20/2000   Hit :67]  
Broad Daylight enables you to efficiently manage questions from customers, developers, resellers, and members. You create a positive experience for everyone who visits your Web site, while saving time, money, and headaches for your business. Broad Daylight's hosted or licensed applications provide instant answers to previously asked questions on your Web site or extranet -- so you never have to answer the same question twice. The questions and answers become a valuable database of information about your market's interests, decision process, and buying criteria.

Communitect, Inc. [Posted : 12/19/2000   Hit :68]  
Communitect provides an alternative to expensive, inconsistent, internal AND outsourced global customer communication platforms. By deploying Communitect’s next-generation touchpoint technologies, companies can capitalize on the huge international and wireless markets now emerging without relying on inconsistent, impersonal, non-scalable and agent-dependent solutions.

Coremetrics, Inc. [Posted : 08/08/2001   Hit :18]  
Coremetrics™ is a provider of business intelligence solutions that enable companies to improve interactions with their customers based on a complete understanding of online behavior. Coremetrics' outsourced data capture, storage and decision-support services provide a complete model of customer interaction online that is extensible for enterprise-wide use with third-party customer relationship management and data mining applications.

Corrigo Inc. [Posted : 03/22/2000   Hit :66]  
Located in Redwood City, California, Corrigo is leading the emergence of a new class of enterprise application that uses the web and wireless technologies to provide significant benefits for service providers and organizations with extensive installation, maintenance and repair functions. Corrigo's solutions drive improvements in customer satisfaction, staff productivity, asset perfomance, and vendor management.

Courion Corporation [Posted : 11/29/2000   Hit :70]  
Courion provides self-service identity management software that enables employees, customers, and business partners of extended enterprises to solve common, recurring user support problems on their own. Instantly. Securely. 24X7X365. Without burdening already-overloaded support centers and customer service organizations.

Customer Link, Inc. [Posted : 07/06/2001   Hit :22]  
The CustomerLink Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system reminds vehicle owners of future service intervals, provides coupons, surveys, or thank you letters on behalf of your shop. This communication allows you to greatly increase your car count, retain your customer base, and generate greater profits without having to invest your time and effort. This communication takes the form of emails, letters, postcards and survey forms, and greatly increases the probability that customers will return to your shop several times a year for recommended service and maintenance. The program also affords you the luxury of scheduling and performing preventative maintenance work on vehicles, thus

e-Resolve Corporation [Posted : 08/10/1999   Hit :386]  
e-Resolve has an Internet software product called C-3 Suite: Continuous Customer Care that is focused on Web-based eRelationship Management (eRM). e-Resolve products can be seamlessly hosted by Application Service Providers for a "care free" approach to Customer Relationship Management.

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