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Cambridge Incubator [Posted : 12/09/1999   Hit :1123]  
Located in Cambridge, MA. Cambridge Incubator has pioneered Active Incubation, a revolutionary new business model that creates successful~~e-businesses in record time, bringing together an unprecedented level of~~collaboration, applied industry experience and capital. Through its unique Venture Campus environment, Cambridge Incubator helps emerging e-businesses develop and execute winning strategies to rapidly navigate the course from idea inception to market success.

Cenetec, L.L.C. [Posted : 05/03/2000   Hit :182]  
Cenetec is a high technology incubator, focused specifically on start up Internet-centric companies. Cenetec has opened its 25,000 square foot Boca Raton, Florida-based incubator. Scott Adams, the co-founder of Hiway Technologies, leads Cenetec. Mr. Adams was one of the pioneers in the web hosting business.

CommonAngels [Posted : 05/18/2000   Hit :289]  
CommonAngels is a group of 50 of the city's leading private investors. Our members have founded, co-founded or run high-tech companies. We work closely with early stage software, information technology and Internet companies in the Northeast to build successful profitable businesses. Founded in 1998.

CyberStarts [Posted : 05/04/2000   Hit :210]  
Located in Atlanta, GA, CyberStarts is a next-generation incubator whose mission is to fund and significantly accelerate the development of early-stage, eCommerce companies. Its current operation focuses on financial services, payments and infrastructure companies. CyberStarts provides strategic, marketing, technical and legal assistance, as well as furnished office facilities to partner companies ?in addition to growth capital. an $86 million seed round of financing from iXL Ventures, Marsh & McLennan Capital, First Data Corporation, Wachovia Capital Associates and Guyton Partners, as well as several individual investors including Merrill Lynch Senior Vice President Taylor Glover and Aloette Cosmetics President Bob Cohen.

CyberStarts, Inc. [Posted : 06/28/2000   Hit :119]  
CyberStarts, Inc. is a full-service incubator and accelerator that currently focuses on business-to-business financial services, payments and web infrastructure opportunities (products, services, software, marketplaces, auctions). Our mission is to provide advisory and operational services and capital to eCommerce companies, and transform them into market-leading participants in an accelerated time frame.

divine interVentures, inc [Posted : 03/03/2000   Hit :274]  
Located in Chicago, IL. Chicago-based divine interVentures, inc. is an Internet operating company actively engaged in business-to-business e-commerce through a network of partner companies. Through the Internet Zaibatsu™ community, divine’s family of companies collaborates to create success through a tightly linked network. divine acquires significant interests in, operates and provides services to its partner companies.

dotspot [Posted : 12/05/2000   Hit :76]  
dotspot is a provider of technology, real estate and infrastructure solutions for high tech companies in rapid growth mode. dotspot accelerators are shared work environments geared to rapidly expanding e-businesses. dotspot's initial accelerator locations have housed over 40 companies, several of which have already graduated to their own facilities. dotspot accelerators offer an 'instant' environment where all the high-cost, time-consuming work has been done for you. Secure carrier-class data centers, state-of-the-art telephone switches and programs, high bandwidth connectivity, great looking furniture - all there and up and running the minute you walk in. The best part is you don't have to bankroll any of these costly necessities. Use your assets to grow your business. And when you grow it, you can grow right where you are. dotspot accelerator space is designed to accommodate your needs.

DreamLabs [Posted : 06/06/2000   Hit :233]  
DreamLabs is a for profit idea incubator located in Northern Virginia. We provide a consulting services, seed capital and infrastructure to our start-ups.

E-Conomy Ventures, Inc. [Posted : 07/10/2001   Hit :31]  
e-conomyVentures is a partnership between The Resource Forum, the venture capital firm Cordova Ventures, the law firm Arnall Golden Gregory, the accounting firm of Habif Arogeti and Wynne, the marketing firm iD8 and the technology and software developer Blueshift — all based in Atlanta. Each company is a leader in their field. The Resource Forum tests the strength of your ideas Arnall Golden Gregory establishes protection for your ideas Habif, Arogeti and Wynne validates financial and capital plans iD8 Marketing creates and establishes brands and marketing driven communications Blueshift maps the path of your technology Cordova Ventures stands ready as a potential provider of investment capital

E4e, Inc. [Posted : 05/01/2001   Hit :51]  
e4e, Inc. is a global full-service technology holding company focused on building, with entrepreneurs (including experienced executives ), a portfolio of Internet technology based infrastructure service companies ( "core companies" ) in complementary markets. As entrepreneurs working with and for entrepreneurs, e4e provides its portfolio of core companies with access to relevant markets, technology support, professional resources and long-term capital. This infrastructure support, plus synergies with other complementary core investments, enables e4e portfolio companies to shorten their time-to-market, reduce costs, and increase their chances for success.

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