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Software [Posted : 05/19/2000   Hit :136] is a leading provider of two-way wireless Internet messaging products and services for wireless carriers. Currently working with wireless partners including BellSouth DCS, Vodafone UK, and Vodafone NZ, has over 100,000 provisioned subscribers. With six office locations worldwide, is able to provide service and support for a global market. is a wholly owned subsidiary of TWS, Inc

Canesta, Inc. [Posted : 08/15/2000   Hit :518]  
Canesta is the inventor of a revolutionary, low-cost electronic perception technology that enables ordinary electronic devices to perceive and react to nearby objects or individuals in real time. When sight-enabled with Canesta’s unique electronic perception chips and software, consumer, automotive, industrial, military, and medical products will gain functionality and ease of use not possible in an era when electronics were blind.

Celerica, Inc [Posted : 02/26/2002   Hit :23]  
Headquartered in Morristown, N.J., with research and development in Israel, Celerica is committed to helping mobile operators address the challenge of adding cellular capacity in urban areas while protecting their existing and future investments.

Celiant Corp. [Posted : 10/03/2001   Hit :47]  
A strategic fusion of Lucent Technologies Bell Labs and the power amplifier division of Lucent's Mobility Solutions unit, Celiant Corp. is delivering wireless network subsystems of high quality and reliability. [Posted : 04/12/2000   Hit :192]  
Cellmania is a leading provider of mobile-commerce and location-commerce technologies, the need for which is driven by the emergence of wireless and broadband services. Our mobile- and location-based solutions help businesses personalize their different desktop and mobile Internet sites for each of their customers and employees

Cellon International [Posted : 05/09/2002   Hit :82]  
Cellon International is the world's largest independent wireless design and development house, providing total solutions for wireless terminals and related technology. The Company provides complete module, platform and terminal-ready production solutions for OEMs and private label distributors worldwide. Cellon is in advanced development of 2.5G and 3G products, and has built strategic relationships with leading technology players and third-party software developers.

Cellport, Inc. [Posted : 06/27/2001   Hit :52]  
Cellport Systems is setting standards for in-vehicle wireless connectivity. We're a leader in the wireless voice and data technology called telematics. Cellport's patented technical solutions are being developed with and adopted by leading automotive and Internet technology companies.

Cerylion, Inc [Posted : 02/22/2002   Hit :29]  
Cerylion, Inc. develops, markets and supports a scaleable platform to deploy highly personalized mobile network applications. The company¡¯s link management technology creates a unified environment that allows both desktop and wireless data users to logically, quickly and easily access content and services from a variety of sources.

Circata [Posted : 07/10/2000   Hit :126]  
Circata is your one-stop complete wireless solution provider. We provide services from the start to finish and we back our work with our support. We build and support solutions that reside on all platforms, such as CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and EDGE to name a few. We are expanding our services to include wireless broadband like UMTS (or 3G Technology) by Summer 2001 [Posted : 02/04/2000   Hit :152]  
Located in United Kingdom. CitiKey is the world's first mobile city guide for WAP phones. Using the new generation of cellphones, e.g. Nokias 7110, you can surf to and find the closest restaurant, look up a taxi number, or find out what is happening in the city today.

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