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TheBrain, LLC [Posted : 01/21/2000   Hit :124]  
TheBrain Technologies Corp. is the leading provider of visual information environments. We strive to bring people intelligence and to increase productivity by providing individuals and organizations intuitive, context-rich information environments. Our technology, TheBrain, is a medium for organizing and sharing information. TheBrain gives people the ability to organize disparate pieces of information into one meaningful structure that conveys valuable relationships in an easily understandable display. Our mission is to help people turn their existing information into useable knowledge.

TopSpin Communications [Posted : 08/31/2001   Hit :15]  
TopSpin Communications is a rapidly expanding startup focused on helping our customers deliver large volumes of web content. Our team is comprised of serial entrepreneurs and seasoned development veterans who've delivered DSLAM's, ATM switches, and Gigabit Routers for leading communications companies.

TradeWeb LLC [Posted : 01/23/2002   Hit :166]  
TradeWeb LLC is the global leader in online fixed-income markets with more than 1.5 million trades executed and total volume exceeding $8 trillion since its inception in 1998. TradeWeb's multi-dealer model links eighteen of the world's leading dealers of fixed-income securities with more than 1,000 buy-side institutions in North America and Europe.

Uprizer,Inc [Posted : 05/06/2002   Hit :12]  
Uprizer, Inc. is an emerging technology company that provides decentralized, distributed networking applications for Internet and enterprise customers. Based on co-founder Ian Clarke’s renowned Freenet platform architecture, Uprizer’s globally scalable platform and applications deliver unprecedented network reliability and efficiency, allowing Internet infrastructure and enterprise customers to make cost-effective use of existing networks. Uprizer is an IBM Partner company.

Velant, Inc. [Posted : 12/11/2000   Hit :67]  
Velant, Inc. is an Atlanta-based e-logistics technology company

Verance [Posted : 03/26/2002   Hit :1936]  
Verance is a world leader in the development and implementation of technical solutions focusing on the copyright management, royalty distribution, e-commerce, information, marketing and product distribution needs emerging from the confluence of the entertainment and media industries. Verance was selected for use as a worldwide industry standard in copy protected DVD Audio and for the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI), which has developed an architecture and specifications for playing, storing and distributing digital music.

Virtual Access Networks, Inc. [Posted : 08/23/2001   Hit :17]  
Virtual Access Networks is pioneering the use of XML to create a comprehensive suite of Internet applications enabling the highly selective extraction, movement, and access to information over the Internet, as well as wireless and local area networks. The company's first product platform - The Van - helps companies of all sizes challenged with managing change in computing environments, such as migrating to Windows 2000.

WebV2 [Posted : 10/10/2000   Hit :113]  
WebV2 is the revolutionary leader in the new generation of the internet: P2P networking technology. The first generation web was built upon client/server technology. Now, WebV2 offers exciting opportunities to market and develop business for the next generation web infrastructure - permitting peer to peer networking and enabling direct interactions between peers. Our technology is proven and ready for deployment.

Wellogix, Inc [Posted : 08/29/2001   Hit :17]  
Wellogix is a technology company providing online software to streamline workflow, improve collaboration, expedite the inter-company exchange of enterprise data and communicate complex information.

Xanboo [Posted : 02/26/2002   Hit :9]  
Xanboo, Inc. designs and engineers all Xanboo Home Internet Management System hardware and software, including video cameras, sensors, and control devices.

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