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FierceWireless, Inc. [Posted : 05/23/2001   Hit :30]  
FierceWireless is driven by a single mission: to provide business intelligence about the wireless Internet. We currently publish two newsletters, with more than 18,000 total subscribers.

FileFish, Inc. [Posted : 01/23/2002   Hit :94]  
FileFish Inc. is a provider of enterprise software for data mobilization and management. Founded in 1999 and funded by leading venture capitalists in November 2000, FileFish is focused on helping businesses maximize the value of their corporate data and reduce costs associated with their storage and mobile infrastructures.

First Service Networks [Posted : 01/22/2002   Hit :16]  
First Service Networks, formerly Sure Air LTD., is a provider of site management services which use the Web and wireless technology to serve multi-site operations throughout the Unites States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Currently, the company has more than 3,500 service contractors who serve 200+ customers in 40,000 individual site locations. Services include HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, power generation, glass, asbestos removal, gates and grilles, locks, signage, cable, satellite and telecommunications, central vacuum systems and site surveys.

Flarion Technologies Inc [Posted : 10/31/2001   Hit :28]  
Flarion Technologies is mobilizing the Internet with its breakthrough mobile communications network technology for the transparent, over-the-air routing of Internet Protocol (IP) data applications and services. Flarion's award-winning flash-OFDM™ technology, which originated in Bell Labs, enables mobile operators to profitably deliver unsurpassed high-speed access to the global Internet infrastructure, at significant savings as compared to former generation technologies such as GSM/GPRS, CDMA, and TDMA.

FolloWAP, Inc. [Posted : 02/02/2001   Hit :125]  
FolloWAP Inc. is a rapidly growing company which designs, develops, manufactures and markets mobile instant messaging and messaging platforms for wireless network operators. FolloWAP develops telecom grade products,highly scalable and reliable, which incorporate network management, billing and customer relations mechanisms.

Fortress Technologies [Posted : 08/28/2002   Hit :10]  
Fortress Technologies ( is a leading global provider of security products that deal with the largely ignored vulnerabilities of Wireless Local Area Networks and Fixed Wireless Networks. Fortress provides the missing element for today's 802.11 networks with the AirFortress Security Gateway, which shields against privacy invasions and unauthorized network access.

Fractus, Inc. [Posted : 06/04/2001   Hit :37]  
Fractals are geometric forms that are found in nature. Their matematical foundations have been used as a model in the development of innovative aplications such as image processing, the chemical industry, biotechnology and the exploitation of natural resources. Fractal theory describes how a geometric form can be subdivided into infinite parts, each of which constitutes a reduced copy of the original form. Fractal shapes are of great complexity and detail, which can be clearly seen as the observer comes closer to the fractal object.

FreeRoam, Inc. [Posted : 11/26/2001   Hit :29]  
FreeRoam, inc. is a broadband wireless internet service provider for apartments,gated communities, business complexes, and residence

fSONA, Inc. [Posted : 01/19/2001   Hit :122]  
fSONA is committed to being an industry leader in the development and supply of high capacity, optical wireless telecom products. Our primary customers are the pioneers of today, building the networks of tomorrow: CLECs, ISP’s and global carriers who provide services within cities and campus networks or within "the last mile" of the local carrier backbone. We provide reliable, short haul, high bandwidth wireless links (OC-3 to OC-24) for those requiring connectivity to existing networks, where ready access is either unavailable or too expensive. We are committed to assisting our customers in the buildout of their network infrastructure, so that their customers can benefit from improved access to new services.

FunMail, Inc. [Posted : 04/02/2001   Hit :23]  
FunMail is the world¡¯s first text-to-animation messaging system that ¡°translates¡± everyday text messages into short, engaging animation. The service, aimed at wireless and internet devices, enables users to communicate their news, information or their emotional state in a visual, compelling way.

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