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Atlas Commerce, Inc [Posted : 06/14/2000   Hit :70]  
Atlas Commerce provides the eCommerce software infrastructure to power Supply Chain eHubs and Online Buying Communities. From sourcing to contract management, to order management, logistics and settlement, Atlas Metaprise Software manages the relationships, business processes and transactions that occur in distributed, multi-layered and global Internet marketplaces. Received $30m in financing from Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE: SFE), a leading eBusiness incubator and operator. Founded in January 1998, Atlas Commerce is headquartered in Malvern, PA with offices worldwide.

Azerity [Posted : 01/03/2002   Hit :159]  
Azerity, an evolution of Intelic Software, is a sell-side e-business software provider that enables manufacturers to create a highly efficient sales environment, dramatically increasing sales throughput by synchronizing complex business processes across and between the entire selling chain.

Celarix, Inc [Posted : 08/28/2001   Hit :15]  
By leveraging decades of logistics experience, Celarix brings real customers Web-centric collaborative technology to improve the global supply chain, whether they're moving products across the street or around the globe. Celarix enables logistics transactions and connects customers with their internal systems and supply chain partners through the latest messaging technologies, ultimately providing retailers, manufacturers, distributors, carriers, freight forwarders and other trading partners with the information they need to improve customer service and profitability.

Chip Data, Inc. [Posted : 07/27/2000   Hit :116]  
ChipData, Inc., the Design Chain Management™ Company, develops innovative enterprise-level software solutions that enable the acceleration of product design to manufacture. Powered by a unique technology, ChipData's suite of software tools provide seamless access, management, and real-time use of electronic component information, which leads to lower development costs, improved product design efficiency and significant time-to-market advantages.

CommonStream, Inc. [Posted : 07/05/2001   Hit :13]  
CommonStream strives to deliver value to all members throughout the demand, distribution and supply chains of the water and wastewater industries through a suite of technology solutions that make these processes more efficient. Accomplishing this mission will position CommonStream as the source for water and wastewater professionals to improve the flow of their businesses.

Datasweep [Posted : 09/26/1999   Hit :425]  
Datasweep develops and markets Web-based Integrated Plant Systems (IPS) incorporating manufacturing execution, quality assurance, repair and business intelligence applications. Global manufacturers and their supply chain partners use Datasweep Advantage to leverage the Internet to improve delivery and quality while reducing cost and inventory throughout the product lifecycle.

ECVision, Inc. [Posted : 10/03/2000   Hit :76]  
Silicon Valley-based ecVision, Inc. is a global market expert in automating the merchandise supply chain process via the Internet. Using innovative Internet-based technology that leverages the unique flexibility of eXtensible Markup Language (XML), ecVision enables companies to communicate timely accurate information with global suppliers and to build e-commerce systems at a fraction of the price of traditional EDI solutions. ecVision’s primary goal is to provide integrated B2B technologies designed to improve the supply chain processes, operational efficiency, and business competitiveness for top tier retailers and brand merchandisers worldwide. ecVision’s XpressCommerce™ Platform, a solution set designed for buyers and sellers of retail merchandise who need to facilitate business transactions over the Internet while reducing costs and simplifying complex made-to-order processes.

Evoxis, Inc. [Posted : 11/21/2001   Hit :4]  
Evoxis, Inc is a provider of personalized, actionable information through the use of voice-centric technology.

GlobeRanger Corporation [Posted : 08/02/2000   Hit :128]  
GlobeRanger Corp., a leading solutions provider of intelligent asset management and supply chain visibility, has this vision: Location data is becoming pervasive, but systems that provide effective use of that data and visibility to critical assets have not been widely developed. GlobeRanger provides real time and historical visibility across corporate supply chains by converting location data into location knowledge and creating a market for that knowledge.

GoCo-Op, Inc. [Posted : 03/16/2000   Hit :76]  
Located in Maitland, Florida, GoCo-op provides industry professionals a private Internet-based, end-to-end purchasing solution that offers totally integrated procurement and supply chain management.

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