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Software, Inc. [Posted : 08/11/2000   Hit :102]  
Founded in January 2000, GadgetSpace owns and operates an online mobile e-Business portal to facilitate real-time, Internet-based business interactions via Internet-enabled wireless devices. Running upon open industry software standards, the GadgetSpace portal service allows any existing HTML-based or XML-based Internet business application or web site to be used bi-directionally from any Internet-enabled wireless device, including digital wireless phones and wireless PDA devices (e.g., Palm Computing).

Good Technology [Posted : 05/14/2002   Hit :2561]  
Good Technology is an innovator in the enterprise mobile computing market. Good develops wireless software, services and handhelds that provide mobile professionals with a continuously synchronized wireless connection to their corporate email and information. The result is improved communication, decision making and worker productivity at a low cost of ownership.

Gravion, Inc. [Posted : 08/15/2001   Hit :141]  
Graviton provides comprehensive monitoring and control solutions for businesses and individuals. It does so through its unique integration of next-generation microsensors, non-wired networks optimized for sensor traffic, and management software designed to cost effectively and efficiently synthesize sensor data into actionable outputs. Through these wireless sensory information networks, Graviton makes it possible to reduce the cost of doing business, efficiently control machines and devices, and conserve human and natural resources.

Gravitate, Inc [Posted : 02/02/2001   Hit :118]  
Gravitate, Inc. is a provider of best-of-breed enabling technologies and applications for the rapid development and deployment of Location Precise wireless services. The Gravitate Platform is the first comprehensive software solution and suite of applications supporting mobile-to-mobile and static-to-mobile services deployed on wireless devices.

GroupServe, Inc. [Posted : 03/06/2001   Hit :32]  
GroupServe is a leading provider of Web-based, wirelessly-enabled groupware solutions for work teams. GroupPort, the first wireless-enabled groupware application, is revolutionizing the way professional teams with mobile members keep in touch and collaborate on critical projects. A fast-growth, venture-capital-backed company, GroupServe leverages leading-edge technology to improve and simplify business communications. Offering an inexpensive, user-friendly solution that doesn't require implementation across the enterprise, GroupServe provides an alternative to IT-intensive groupware applications requiring extensive user training and lengthy budget approval cycles.

HelloSoft, Inc. [Posted : 02/11/2003   Hit :11]  
HelloSoft is a leading provider of high-performance communications software IP for multifunction devices and equipment. Software IP is a new category of Intellectual Property that will accelerate OEM innovation while improving new product development and ROI.

hereUare Communications, Inc. [Posted : 03/23/2001   Hit :33]  
hereUare Communications provides a suite of innovative services based on the internationally recognized IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi) standard and tailored to meet the unique requirements of the high-speed public wireless industry. These services unify wireless network providers, pave the way for additional revenue-generating opportunities and increased profitability, and—for the first time—provide wireless users with true global roaming capabilities.

HiddenMind Technology, LLC [Posted : 08/05/2002   Hit :10]  
HiddenMind's patent-pending Active Technology enables Systems Integrators, Application Developers, VARs and Hardware companies to quickly enhance their existing and future offerings with sophisticated mobile services. Active Technology enhances the products and services of these companies for delivery over wired and unwired, WAN and LAN networks while shielding their developers from the complexities of network communications: frequently disconnected networks, low-bandwidth, high-latency and multiple networks and protocols.

HillCast Technologies [Posted : 02/07/2002   Hit :22]  
HillCast Technologies is the leading next-generation developer of real-time streaming financial applications for mobile devices. HillCast's flagship product, MidCast, is the first carrier-grade designed mobile financial application that allows for secure and continuous real-time streaming of stock quotes, stock details, charts, graphs, and news. Utilizing our patent-pending technology, HillCast delivers products that enable a completely secure, carrier-grade mobile financial trading network for mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

iConverse, Inc. [Posted : 08/31/2000   Hit :158]  
Wireless - access anytime, anyplace, anyhow. We have entered the "post-pc-era" and the revolution is on. It's a whole new internet ... and the next step is how to master the wireless web for your business. iConverse is creating first of its kind technology to make this revolution a reality.

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