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Palm Device

Audia, Inc [Posted : 09/19/2001   Hit :241]  
Audia designs, develops, manufactures and markets the most advanced digital hearing devices and other miniature audio products with superior sound quality and lowest power consumption at competitive prices.

Automation Control Products [Posted : 04/12/2000   Hit :358]  
ACP was founded in 1998 to develop Thin Client technology specifically for manufacturing and industrial users. Since then, we have become the world leader in industrial Thin Client technology, standing alone with such features as instantaneous server failover, high-speed I/O directly from Thin Clients, automatic configuration, redundant Ethernet and much more. Every leading industrial Thin Client manufacturer (including Rockwell) has selected our technology for use in their products.

Chameleon Systems, Inc. [Posted : 02/09/2001   Hit :919]  
Chameleon Systems is a start-up semiconductor company developing the industry's first reconfigurable communications processing platform. We are creating the first practical commercial implementation of reconfigurable technology for data intensive Internet, DSP and other high performance telecom applications. Our patented field reconfigurable technology provides unusual flexibility to design new equipment that can adapt to changing standards & algorithms once/year, add new features once/month or adaptively modify the algorithm once/microsecond based on the contents of the data stream. This is no pie-in-the-sky reconfigurable approach. It works! This revolutionary architecture is changing the rules of high performance telecom equipment system design today.

ChipWrights, Inc. [Posted : 02/05/2001   Hit :352]  
ChipWrights is a venture capital backed company designing high performance pixel processing devices for next generation digital imaging applications. The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) market is the fastest growing segment in the semiconductor industry. Dataquest projects the worldwide market for programmable DSPs to be growing at nearly 25%. DSPs are continually being driven by advances in silicon processing technology and DSP-based solutions are finding their way into an ever-increasing number of end products. With the explosion of new applications for DSPs, many opportunities exist for new digital signal processor architectures.

Cicada Semiconductor, Inc. [Posted : 01/03/2001   Hit :794]  
Cicada Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, manufactures, and markets mixed-signal integrated circuits for the communications industry to send information faster and farther over existing copper cabling and system backplanes within Local, Wide and Storage Area Networks.

Cybiko, Inc [Posted : 02/01/2001   Hit :297]  
Cybiko, Inc. is a privately held company with the purpose of developing and marketing innovative Internet-driven wireless personal entertainment and communication equipment.

DataPlay, Inc. [Posted : 08/24/2001   Hit :151]  
DataPlay, Inc. is revolutionizing the world of portable consumer electronics with a new universal digital media for everything digital. Founded in 1998, DataPlay was conceived to develop new ways of freeing consumers to record and play everything digital -- anywhere, anytime.

eDevice, Inc. [Posted : 08/01/2000   Hit :301]  
Our mission derives from a simple observation: one can not know it all and do it all. Therefore we made the commitment to specialize ourselves in a single discipline and to master it at the highest level. The hands-on-experience of eDevice's engineering and technical support teams with today's technical and economical requirements has enabled us to offer you the most advanced solutions for your web-enabling needs.

Extreme Devices, Inc. [Posted : 01/12/2001   Hit :241]  
Extreme Devices is an Austin, Texas based technology firm created to bring revolutionary new electronics products to customers around the world. These products, based on several advances in electronic materials, are specially engineered to withstand tremendous heat, operate at very high power, and tolerate high levels of radiation making them ideal for use in applications ranging from automobile engine sensors that allow dramatic improvements in fuel economy to high-tech switching components for innovative "smart" power transmission systems (saving billions in deferred investment for utility companies).

Iridigm Display [Posted : 10/17/2001   Hit :157]  
Iridigm was formed in 1995 to apply a revolutionary new technology to the filed of information display. The company founders and key employers hail from the MIT. The development of the core technology was supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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