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2PM Technologies Ltd [Posted : 01/04/2002   Hit :250]  
RAMS means Remote Access Mobile System - the most cost effective way to provide instant, secure, out-of-the office e-mail via ordinary mobile phones. E-mail is received by listening and sent by talking, with instant notification of e-mail by text message. But, RAMS™ also enables the complete management of e-mail from existing mobile phones. Initiate, or forward e-mail, retrieve an e-mail address, mark e-mail as read and delete e-mail all without a PC.

4thpass, Inc. [Posted : 05/09/2001   Hit :252]  
4thpass ( builds software to efficiently manage and deliver the latest applications over the air to Java-enabled mobile devices. Through its core products, the Mobile Application System (MAS™) and KBrowser™, 4thpass gives the telecommunications industry the ability to provide new applications for mobile devices of different sizes and capacities, without creating new hardware. With MAS, wireless carriers can introduce new Java applications and services to their customers instantly and safely.

Abaco, Inc. [Posted : 07/25/2001   Hit :231]  
Abaco is the leading provider of mobile business solutions. A proven leader in the industry, Abaco has more than ten years of experience and 200 installations worldwide. Abaco solutions leverage companies' existing enterprise infrastructure to empower their mobile workforces with mission critical information at the point of activity.

ActiveSky Technology, Inc. [Posted : 12/29/2000   Hit :404]  
ActiveSky technology lets you enjoy live-action video and animation on your PDA or communicator without compromise. Look for the sharp edges, clear motion, and readable text to see some of the distinguishing characteristics of the superb visual experience you'll get when using ActiveSky technology.

AdvanceWork International [Posted : 01/31/2001   Hit :252]  
AdvanceWork International provides English-as-a-Foreign-Language (EFL) solutions—mobile, distance courses, live instruction, and custom training —to global corporations. Within the $50 billion English instruction market, AWI is focused on corporations that need English training for large, geographically dispersed workforces. The first courses in the AdvanceWork EFL series will be released in early summer 2001. [Posted : 03/21/2002   Hit :134] develops and markets proprietary, two-way technologies that enable the wireless connectivity and control of remote intelligent devices.

Aeritas, Inc. [Posted : 02/20/2001   Hit :342]  
A leading innovator in mobile commerce technology, Aeritas is founded on the principle that Web and wireless technologies were not created equal and simply "pushing" Web content to mobile devices will not meet the needs of today's growing number of mobile consumers. While the proliferation of mobile devices presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses to reach more customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers, capitalizing on this opportunity hinges on a company's ability to implement mobile services that begin with a deep understanding of when, where and how a customer prefers to transact business.

AeroFon [Posted : 08/18/2000   Hit :480]  
AeroFon will provide wireless service affordable to over one third of the world's population who have little prospect for ground-based telephone access at a small fraction of satellite systems prices. Using latest generation CDMA technology we will provide affordable, high speed Internet connectivity to populations that currently are without basic POTS service.

Airband Communications [Posted : 08/03/2000   Hit :464]  
airBandTM Communications is one of the country's fastest growing wireless broadband service providers, with plans to offer ultra-high speed Internet access to small and medium-sized businesses in cities across the U.S. By harnessing a new generation of leading-edge wireless technology, airBand is able to deliver broadband access to the Internet at speeds that go well beyond DSL. Just how fast is airBand's service? Four initial service packages feature speeds of 512kbps, 1Mbps, 2Mbps and 10Mbps. That's up to 10 times faster than a high-speed DSL connection.

Airbiquity Inc. [Posted : 01/04/2001   Hit :481]  
Airbiquity™ ( is the location technology company that delivers global positioning system (GPS) data to any wireless network worldwide. The company’s patented aqLink™ software enables wireless carriers, automobile manufacturers, commercial call centers and Internet portals to offer their subscribers location-based services that enhance productivity, manage assets, and deliver personalized content.

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