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Neural Network

0-In Design Automation, Inc [Posted : 12/13/2001   Hit :368]  
0-In Design Automation, Inc. (pronounced "zero-in") is a privately held electronic design automation (EDA) company providing functional verification products that help verify multi-million gate ASIC and SOC designs.

Alchemy Semiconductor, Inc. [Posted : 02/22/2002   Hit :199]  
Alchemy Semiconductor, Inc., is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets high performance, yet very low power systems-on-a-chip (SOCs) for the Internet Edge Device market. T

Alfalight, Inc. [Posted : 12/14/2000   Hit :241]  
AlfaLight is a high power diode laser manufacturer that is currently developing 980nm pumps for erbium-doped fiber amplifiers. AlfaLight uses novel device designs that permit higher single mode powers and greater mode stability than conventional diode lasers.

AmberWave Systems [Posted : 10/05/2001   Hit :334]  
AmberWave is revolutionizing the communications marketplace and re-defining the state of the art in advanced semiconductor technologies. AmberWave's core product is a proprietary technology that expands the capabilities of silicon-based integrated circuits. AmberWave's technology enables a portfolio of high-speed, high-transconductance devices that are optimized to perform in digital, analog, or mixed signal systems, providing licensed users with distinct cost, efficiency, and performance benefits.

Arryx, Inc. [Posted : 03/30/2001   Hit :109]  
Our company, ARRYX, Inc. is based in Chicago, Illinois. We seek to develop and dominate industrial processes dependent on material control and assembly in the microscopic realm, focusing on microphotonics and biochips.

Ashvattha Semiconductor, Inc. [Posted : 03/08/2001   Hit :159]  
Ashvattha Semiconductor is dedicated to the transformation of the RFIC landscape by introducing innovative architectures that hasten the introduction of monolithic implementation of multiple RF systems and protocols.

Atmos, Inc. [Posted : 07/13/2001   Hit :144]  
ATMOS Corporation is the largest provider of embedded dynamic random access memory (DRAM) intellectual property (IP). The company enables customers in the wireless, graphics, imaging and networking industries to rapidly differentiate their products by creating large, very dense on-chip memory.

Atrenta, Inc. [Posted : 06/14/2001   Hit :258]  
Atrenta offers a new approach in accelerating the design of complex ASICs, FPGAs, SoPCs and SoCs through predictive analysis. Its SpyGlass is the first tool that performs detailed structural analysis on register-transfer-level Verilog and VHDL code in order to check for complex problems, which include coding styles, RTL-handoff, design re-use, clock/reset requirements, and much more. Its breakthrough and innovative "look-ahead" capability incorporates a fast-synthesis engine, logic evaluator, and testability technologies.

Banderacom, Inc. [Posted : 08/22/2000   Hit :263]  
Banderacom is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company located in Austin, Texas focused on providing I/O connectivity silicon for tomorrow’s demanding computing and embedded systems environments utilizing the InfiniBand™1 standard. Banderacom develops highly integrated, feature rich semiconductors for InfiniBand host, targets and switching products.

Barcelona Deisign, Inc. [Posted : 05/30/2001   Hit :262]  
Barcelona accelerates analog circuit design for the creation of mixed signal chips. We provide compilers for customers to design analog and mixed signal circuits, integrate our methodology into corporate design flows, and create custom analog IP.

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