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Adir Technologies, Inc. [Posted : 09/25/2000   Hit :96]  
Adir Technologies makes network management software available to IP and telecom providers to enable them to effectively manage IP voice traffic.The convergence of IP and telecommunications networks will ultimately migrate the majority of voice traffic to IP networks. While companies offer equipment for Voice over IP (VoIP) calling and VoIP services, Adir is the first company to bring an integrated end-to-end solution that can effectively manage all aspects of Voice over IP network management.

Airtuit, Inc. [Posted : 06/21/2001   Hit :24]  
Airtuit is the leading provider of Universal Access and Integration Software. Many Fortune 500 companies rely on Airtuit's suite of products to simplify the process of wirelessly extending their enterprise systems, enabling mobile workforces to access critical information in real-time. Known for the ability to accommodate complex and varied programs in a single solution, Airtuit is Software Powered Mobility (tm).

Aligo, Inc. [Posted : 07/10/2000   Hit :47]  
With offices in San Francisco and Phoenix, Aligo, Inc. is a wireless applications solution provider that offers next-generation, end-to-end commerce solutions for businesses. The company was founded in 1999 by David Shim, Alper Turgut, and Dr. Jeffrey Capone.

atchik [Posted : 06/13/2000   Hit :30]  
Located in Toulouse (South of France). atchik provides value added services for mobile/internet operators.~~atchik was founded in August 1999 by Bertrand Darrouzet and Guillaume Sanchez.

Bivio Networks, Inc [Posted : 02/12/2001   Hit :251]  
Bivio Networks is developing a new class of high-performance programmable services platforms focused on unlocking the dramatic revenue potential of the IP/Optical network. Unlike existing hardware-defined services products, Network Robots uses a completely software-defined services environment. This allows service providers to create and modify services as their needs change without adding or replacing hardware.

BlueFish Wireless, Inc. [Posted : 06/06/2001   Hit :32]  
The growing popularity of PDAs and availability of low cost, long range RF technology led to the formation of Bluefish Wireless in 1999. The company spent the next year and a half developing the two-way infrared communication platform on which the Bluefish network is based. The first application of the Bluefish technology is the Bluefish network, the first and only free service that enables Palm-based handheld users to conveniently make secure transactions through the Internet. Potential uses for the network range from consumer m-commerce and news services to enterprise applications such as CRM and e-procurement. The RF-based technology fills a large need in the marketplace by creating a platform from which information can be sent and received from Palm-based PDAs via the built-in infrared information delivery mechanism

CacheStream Corporation [Posted : 09/14/2000   Hit :118]  
CacheStream Corporation provides intelligent broadband software products and service platforms that dramatically increase network bandwidth efficiency and reduce capital infrastructure requirements for secure delivery of broadband applications such as streaming video and Internet TV. CacheStream's turn key solution securely deliver and manage content "past the edge" of the Net-all the way to corporate PC or a cunsumer PC or Set-top-where a user can cache it for convenient playback anytime.

Comstellar Technologies, Inc. [Posted : 01/02/2001   Hit :112]  
At Comstellar Technologies, Inc., we're building a major technology company with a singular focus on communications infrastructure utilizing a innovative operating model. We're focusing on communications infrastructure because that's increasingly central to all technologies. The possibilities are endless, the opportunities are worldwide, and the demand is explosive. [Posted : 02/11/2000   Hit :68]  
Dejima develops and license AASAP (Adaptive Agent-oriented Software Architechture and Platform). A technology for elemental natural language command and control of internet applications, fixed and mobile.

Digital Reliance [Posted : 05/02/2001   Hit :24]  
Digital Reliance provides an easy way to maximize the value of corporate wireless assets with our patent-pending process. We eliminate your waste of valuable resources on a critical (but non-core business function), allowing you to focus on your company goals. Time and money are precious commodities with critical impact on the success of every company, and Digital Reliance gives you more of both.

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