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Conjoin, Inc. [Posted : 07/13/2001   Hit :72]  
Conjoin, Inc., founded in 1998, is committed to substantially increasing the selling effectiveness of sales professionals and channel partners by optimizing the flow of information between marketing and sales, and between sales and the customer. To this end, Conjoin develops and markets Field.First®, the award-winning sales and marketing portal solution that Web-enables the corporate sales force or reseller channel.

DemandTec, Inc. [Posted : 02/17/2000   Hit :211]  
Price. Promotion. Profits. DemandTec offers a powerful pricing and promotion optimization service, which enables retailers and e-tailers to more than double net margins. DemandTec is the only company to commercialize cutting edge econometric and optimization technologies, combined with activity-based costing. The company's superior proprietary technology combined with deep industry knowledge helps retailers rapidly identify the optimal pricing and promotion combinations within a category, store or website to increase revenues and profits. [Posted : 03/08/2000   Hit :165]  
Digital Envoy™ has developed patent-pending NetAcuity™ technology that determines the geographic location and connection speed of any machine on the Internet, creating a dynamic analysis of Internet routing and connectivity. Digital Envoy's technology has wide implications for geo-intelligent Internet edge infrastructure as well as content delivery. In addition, Digital Envoy's technology allows e-commerce, streaming media, online advertising, information sites, and others to customize, restrict, and target content based on the geo-location of an individual user.

Electrifier [Posted : 08/28/2000   Hit :107]  
Electrifier, Inc. - an UPSIDE Hot 100 Private Company - is a privately held corporation with offices in San Francisco and Research Triangle Park, NC. Electrifier provides powerful, do-it-yourself marketing services for online businesses.

Encirq, Inc. [Posted : 01/08/2001   Hit :95]  
Encirq is an online marketing services company that has developed a unique data engine to deliver individualized, consumer-centered marketing over the Internet. We use online and offline, real-time individual transactional data in a private and secure environment. Marketers and Encirq cannot see the data. Rather, the data reside on each consumer's personal computer, and filter out marketing messages that are not relevant. The service and technology are extendible to broadband, to other network devices, and eventually can be used to deliver personalized television commercials to individual households.

Endai Worldwide [Posted : 12/26/2000   Hit :160]  
Endai Worldwide serves the marketing and technology needs of some of the most successful brands in the direct marketing business. Endai produces digital selling solutions with the integrity and reliability that has become our calling card in the industry.

Expression Engines, Inc. [Posted : 02/03/2000   Hit :185]  
Expression Engines helps companies maximize marketing investments. Using a full-service, hands-on approach, our direct email marketing services and tools increase revenue, improve response and conversion rates, lower acquisition costs, and strengthen customer relationships and loyalty.

Fireclick, Inc. [Posted : 02/28/2000   Hit :200]  
Fireclick is an Internet software company focused on driving the success of e-commerce through server based software that speeds web access for consumers.

Gizmoz, Inc. [Posted : 03/14/2000   Hit :163]  
Gizmoz are the Internet's most powerful and effective relationship marketing solution, enabling companies to grow their customer base, create relationships, drive traffic and generate revenues. Gizmoz track user activities and help to maximize Return on Investment on the online marketing efforts of the companies that use them.

Harmonic Communications, Corp [Posted : 01/11/2002   Hit :31]  
Harmonic Communications leverages proprietary software and creative development to powerfully develop, target, deploy, and refine marketing campaigns across traditional and digital media from one system and in real time. By guiding multi-channel marketing communications from concept through execution, corporations can identify their highest-value consumers while continuously tracking and improving the campaigns to increase return on investment for both branding and direct response marketing.

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