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Kontiki, Inc. [Posted : 08/07/2001   Hit :23]  
Kontiki's unique software-based approach employs an embedded network client to easily and efficiently deliver high-quality digital content over today's Internet. Its revolutionary patent-pending new technology utilizes the untapped bandwidth of millions of networked PCs at the "outer edge" of the Internet, controlled by a series of redundant and fault-tolerant network management servers directly attached to the Internet backbone.

Laszlo Systems, Inc. [Posted : 11/21/2001   Hit :16]  
Laszlo Systems is developing a software platform to enable the next generation of Web applications. Laszlo’s technology leverages existing developer skill sets and existing technology infrastructures to reduce development time and costs. It allows companies to consolidate their separate development tracks, as well as maintenance and support efforts, for different platforms.

Mantas, Inc. [Posted : 08/24/2001   Hit :17]  
Mantas delivers business intelligence and compliance solutions for the global financial services industry. Using advanced knowledge discovery technology-developed together with banking and brokerage experts-the Mantas platform proactively collects and analyzes transaction data, then highlights and disseminates relevant, actionable information.

Matrix Netsystems [Posted : 06/17/2002   Hit :10]  
Matrix NetSystems was the first organization to record Internet performance data, as well as create a daily topology and ISP ratings ( that are cited the world over. The Austin, Texas-based business is harnessing its decade of intellectual capital and productizing it to solve today's Internet-related issues. Today the company offers Matrix Insight, a managed Internet performance measurement service. With Matrix Insight, enterprise customers gain accurate performance information for the selection, monitoring and management of Internet infrastructure and service providers, resulting in lower costs, as well as improved customer retention., Inc. [Posted : 05/14/2001   Hit :18]  
Only MilesBar™.Com rewards you with unrestricted (no blackout dates and no limited seating) free travel worldwide for your time on the Internet with MilesBar™ BannerViewer™ software. Plus it offers an unprecedented opportunity to Internet entrepreneurs and visionaries via our exclusive Elite Platinum membership program. We feel this is the best time to join as an Elite Platinum to qualify for a Charter Member and set your bonus miles & cash earnings on the fast track right from the very start.

Moai Technologies [Posted : 01/05/2000   Hit :287]  
Moai Technologies is a provider of technology-enabled sourcing solutions that allow global corporations and e-marketplaces to realize the maximum savings possible through e-sourcing. Moai's solutions consist of applications and sourcing consulting services that can be customized and scaled to meet the needs of even the largest corporations, no matter where they are in the e-sourcing process. Moai's solutions facilitate greater productivity and profitability through thoughtful integration of spend analysis, sourcing management and contract management with applications from other vendors.

netDecide Corp [Posted : 09/10/2001   Hit :13]  
netDecide Corporation provides financial services institutions with the tools to help their clients intelligently manage wealth. The netDecide Wealth Management System combines customer relationship management, decision management, and knowledge management into one integrated solution that enables firms to form value-added relationships with their clients across a variety of channels

NetGeo, Inc. [Posted : 06/17/2002   Hit :12]  
NetGeo, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet business intelligence solutions. The company provides web businesses with a competitive advantage by enabling them to improve operational efficiencies and better serve their customers by delivering highly accurate, real-time information about who is accessing their web sites. With InfoScopeSM, NetGeo's flagship software product, companies can now more completely understand where their web visitors are coming from (country, state, city, zip code), where they work, and even how they connect to the Internet (Cable, DSL, modem, wireless, etc.).

NextPage, Inc. [Posted : 01/29/2001   Hit :81]  
NextPage solutions connect you with the business-critical information you need, regardless of where it resides or what format it’s in. By connecting partners, suppliers, customers and employees together in an eBusiness Content Network, NextPage is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their information.

Pintail Technologies, Inc [Posted : 11/26/2002   Hit :12]  
Pintail Technologies has developed the most powerful suite of test management solutions that empower product and test engineers to be more informed and effective in their roles. The software incorporates an innovative application of statistical process control and enables companies to analyze, simulate, optimize, and monitor their worldwide test operations in real-time.

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