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Aberdeen Group [Posted : 03/21/2001   Hit :14]  
Aberdeen Group is a leading provider of technology market consulting and research for the investment and IT supplier communities. Steeped in technology and armed with end-user field research, Aberdeen answers clients' critical business and technology questions in the context of the Internet economy and across the product life cycle.

Brand Fidelity, Inc [Posted : 10/23/2000   Hit :75]  
Creating a name and brand has never been easy. The process is a mish-mash of disjointed steps with input from disparate sources: naming consultants, advertising agencies, attorneys, PR firms, domain registrars, valuation services, and increasingly, third parties to facilitate name rights acquisitions. And once a name asset is in place, there is no easy way to monitor against infringement on an ongoing basis. Yet as difficult as the naming challenge is today, it will only get harder in the years ahead. The Internet is blurring the traditional industry and geographic boundaries that helped prevent customer confusion in the off-line world.

Digital Owl, Inc. [Posted : 06/28/2001   Hit :18]  
DigitalOwl is the first digital rights management company to mobilize and market digital information through targeted Web sites and handheld devices. Publishing clients include McGraw-Hill, Baker & Taylor, at Time Warner Books and Keesing's Worldwide. Founded in August 1999, the privately held company based in Winter Park, Florida, recently received $11.1 million in a second round of venture financing, primarily through Noro-Moseley Partners and Draper Atlantic.

International Crossing [Posted : 03/23/2001   Hit :10]  
Internet Crossing's full suite of global marketing solutions assists companies to close business once thought inaccessible, thereby increasing revenue opportunities and establishing greater market penetration and branding worldwide.

KickFire, Inc. [Posted : 02/22/2001   Hit :69]  
KickFire delivers Web-based software to enterprise marketing departments, providing an online platform for project management, collaboration and integration. Customers include Sun Microsystems, J. Walter Thompson Technology Communications Group, Infineon Semiconductor and Becton, Dickinson

Knowledge Networks, Inc. [Posted : 06/27/2001   Hit :179]  
Provider of Web-based surveys for developing research and analysis on consumer behavior, attitudes, purchase intentions, and public opinion. Designed to overcome the limitations of existing Internet, telephone, mail, and in-person surveys by combining the statistical reliability of probability sampling with the power of Web interviewing. Offers a unique single-source marketing intelligence system, and a 360° View of the Consumer™.

Market Tools, Inc. [Posted : 12/09/1999   Hit :68]  
Businesses are based on complex networks of customers, employees, investors, partners, target markets and other stakeholders. Understanding these business relationships requires multifaceted, real-time information about what is important to each group–their behaviors, intentions, attitudes and beliefs. This creates "relationship intelligence." MarketTools' mission is to help its clients improve their businesses by using relationship intelligence solutions to make effective, informed decisions. MarketTools was founded to address the need for online information access, management and presentation tools., Inc. [Posted : 02/10/2000   Hit :72]  
OuterForce Systems develops ‘distributed workforce’ technologies for the publishing, media, and information industries. At OuterForce, we understand that every media enterprise faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities to improve the efficiency of their media creation process. We therefore work with enterprise customers to build custom solutions to transform and improve their businesses.

Oxelis, Inc. [Posted : 08/03/2000   Hit :35]  
In response to growing consumer demand, the eCRM industry continues to develop customer support strategies - such as people intensive live support - that are fundamentally difficult to scale, critically ignoring automated interactive solutions. Current eCRM systems simply result in targeting consumers with non-interactive email or banner ads, or supporting customers through costly chat, phone, email or fax support.

Roving Software [Posted : 02/09/2001   Hit :149]  
Roving Software is the leading provider of self-service email marketing products and services to small and medium businesses (SMBs). Roving's Constant Contact® helps small businesses reach their visitors and customers easily and affordably with targeted, relevant email communications based on their interests. Constant Contact is designed and priced for SMBs and is available through a wide variety of channel partners

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