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DivXNetworks, Inc [Posted : 06/10/2002   Hit :3009]  
DivXNetworks is a leading technology company that enables the rapid proliferation of video content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks by combining the lightweight, ubiquitous access of the Internet with DVD-quality video performance. The company’s approach is built upon the success of the DivX™ codec, a leading standard for MPEG-4 video distribution with over 60 million users worldwide, and the DivX Open Video System™, a next-generation content delivery system that provides unsurpassed aggregation, promotion, and distribution of video content for mass markets.

EdgeStream [Posted : 08/13/2001   Hit :32]  
Our patent pending technology resolves the problem of delivering uninterrupted streaming media files - from 100 Kbps to 2 Mbps or higher - during high internet traffic congestion periods. This opens the door to reliable, TV/DVD quality, video-on-demand services, which are not available over the Internet today.

eMotion, Inc. [Posted : 06/28/2000   Hit :63]  
eMotion, Inc. is the global leader in digital media management solutions. eMotion offers an impressive array of products and services for storing, searching, collaborating and delivering media assets. Our rich feature set powers productivity and enhances workflow for creative professionals and speeds web access to content, broadband distribution and e-commerce.

Envivio Inc [Posted : 05/29/2002   Hit :14]  
nvivio is the leading developer of end-to-end MPEG-4 solutions utilizing a rich set of integrated streaming media elements: high performance audio and video, two dimensional graphics and animation, providing a rich interactive user experience. The company maintains a worldwide perspective on creating MPEG-4-based solutions to enable broadcasters, distribution network operators and content developers to build new revenues and utilize the efficiencies of targeting content at the full range of MPEG-4 capable devices.

Eyewonder, Inc. [Posted : 07/31/2000   Hit :103]  
EyeWonderTM is a Java-based, licensable technology that gives you the capability to deliver streaming video and audio to virtually everyone--no matter their bandwidth or modem speed.

Fast-Talk Communications [Posted : 01/31/2002   Hit :18]  
Fast-Talk Communications has created the world's only audio searching technology that enables extremely accurate, high-speed searching of audio and video content — without using speech-to-text conversion. Based on identifying phonemes, the smallest units of speech, Fast-Talk audio searching technology can identify and retrieve any word, proper name, or phrase, regardless of speaker or spelling, with up to 99% accuracy.

Gracenote [Posted : 09/16/2002   Hit :7]  
manufacturers and software developers worldwide. Gracenote specializes in music recognition and related technologies, and has the largest database of music information in the world. Gracenote delivers compelling, dynamic content customized to the music experience, and it is changing how people enjoy, explore and discover music. [Posted : 10/25/2000   Hit :103] is a new Internet video communications start-up located in New York City. We are looking for developers with an interest in and experience with streaming video related communications technology, such as video conferencing, web cam technology & audio/video chat applications. We are combining currently seperate communications and broadcasting applications into an integrated, easy to use consumer video service. If you already have an application or website that involves video communications, maybe you too could benefit from getting involved with GTV. If you'd like to learn more, then please send your name and contact info to:

Index Stock Imagery [Posted : 06/03/2002   Hit :34]  
Index Stock Imagery, Inc., is a leading stock image agency representing 1,600 professional photographers and 80 independent still image providers. Index has agents in 55 countries and is a respected source of high-quality images for advertisers, graphic designers, publishers, and multimedia producers. In 1991, Index began storing and distributing images electronically and now has 530,000 images available digitally, with acess to 20 million more through our partners.

Jungle Interactive, Inc. [Posted : 05/03/2001   Hit :20]  
The world already has too many sawdust-dry business publications and Web sites. Jungle isn't among them. What we are is smart, informative, witty, and fun (just ask us). Of course, Jungle takes business seriously, as we know our users do, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. Our Web site and magazine will go behind the scenes on the Street and prowl the Alley, bringing back the insights and hard-won wisdom that will give our audience the competitive edge.

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