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Connotate Technologies [Posted : 01/19/2001   Hit :103]  
Connotate Technologies™ is a pioneering developer of technology, products and services that permit users to tag, monitor and mine content on any web page for anytime-anywhere information access. Using Connotate’s Personalized Dynamic Content Mining (PDCM)™ technology, specified content can be monitored, and when it changes and meets certain personalized rules, automatically delivered to any device. Web developers use the Connotate software and services to quickly add wireless publishing and notification infrastructure to their sites. Knowledge workers use Connotate software to find and retrieve important information according to individual needs.

Curious Networks [Posted : 02/23/2000   Hit :182]  
Curious Networks is the first company to offer businesses an easy way to deliver customized information and services to users through voice, wireless or other Internet devices. The company's mission is to open up new opportunities for users to access personal, business and entertainment applications and content when they want it, how they want it, and where they want it-simply by using their PCs, mobile or standard phones, Palm Pilots®, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), or other emerging Internet appliances. The company's scalable, multi-channel architecture is designed to help companies compete now and into the future with technology and applications, which are compatible with all industry standards from HTML and XML to WAP and VoiceXML. Companies looking to launch services immediately can take advantage of Curious Networks Quickstart applications, including news, stock quotes, weather, horoscopes, messaging, calendars and contact management.

E-Train, Inc. [Posted : 05/21/2001   Hit :19]  
In an effort to offer businesses and individuals an unparalleled e -learning experience, Pryor Resources Group and e-train, Inc. joined forces in May 2000. The result is an organization with extensive knowledge of the training industry, focused on helping people achieve career success. In order to meet this goal, e-train delivers: Decades of experience in the training industry The latest innovative and interactive Web technology One of the largest databases of high quality courses on a variety of topics to help meet your career needs

HeyAnita, Inc. [Posted : 01/05/2001   Hit :81]  
HeyAnita is a revolutionary concept that is going to change the way you communicate, interact with each other, conduct business and go about your daily activities. HeyAnita's proprietary technology enables you to harness the power of the Net by simply dialing a toll-free number to obtain information, access services, buy products and manage daily activities by voice . . . no computer required., Inc. [Posted : 01/25/2001   Hit :63] is leading the way in the move toward "mass personalization," offering consumers more choice in the purchases they make, particularly on the web. By building the world's largest database of high-quality, 3-D consumer images and measurements, will be poised to partner with leading companies across a spectrum of industries to make "one-to-one marketing" a reality for consumers. Our proprietary, cutting-edge technology promises to have transforming effects in the areas of manufacturing, e-commerce, and traditional retailing.

NeoButler Inc. [Posted : 10/09/2000   Hit :79]  
neoButler provides a solution to these issues with Experience RM. It's a managed service that delivers a personalized, relevant experience to the right users, at the right time, in the right context, satisfying their needs no matter where they go online. At the same time, it delivers the kind of in-depth, usage-based, Web-wide information e-businesses need to successfully target and meet the needs of their customers. Experience RM provides e-businesses with an unparalleled value proposition: A customizable adaptive touchpoint that presents your personalized offers, services and vertical applications - no matter where your end users go online Aggregate reports which uncover valuable behavioral, preference and demographic insight into users' Web-wide surfing habits Persistent brand and content reach to the end user - every time his or her browser is opened, you're there Next-generation online direct marketing, through precision targeting based on real-time user actions and powerful I2 Profile-driven strategies Simplified deployment and ongoing management - with no code to install or maintain, neoButler's service can be fully deployed in two weeks, and controlled through an intuitive browser-based console, Inc. [Posted : 08/15/2000   Hit :87]  
OnePage has created an easy-to-use platform that puts you in full control of your personal Web experience. OnePage lets you capture useful and meaningful information from virtually any Web site and place it on your OnePage personal pages. You can organize it, update it and access it in one convenient place; no more clicking from site to site., Inc. [Posted : 08/18/2000   Hit :87]  
uMonitor technology cuts through the growing Internet maze and selects and consolidates personal information, from hundreds of sources, in one central place. It allows individuals to access and act upon - monitor and control - that information with a single click. Additionally, by tapping into intelligent devices, and remote sensing uMonitor technology enables users to have an increasing amount of remote control over their personal and business environments. Through uMonitor wireless applications, this information and control is available to users any time, anywhere...

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