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Apriva, Inc. [Posted : 12/15/2000   Hit :212]  
Apriva transitioned into providing state-of-the-art application development in the wireless device industry. More importantly, wireless applications that apply to any industry requiring real-time data and information transactions utilizing wireless devices.

Arcstream Solutions, Inc. [Posted : 04/17/2001   Hit :60]  
ArcStream is a wireless consulting and systems integration firm focused on developing innovative solutions that improve the effectiveness of mobile workers. We offer a full array of service offerings, from strategy consulting through systems development and integration, all tailored toward the unique characteristics of the mobile workforce. We emphasize the importance of delivering business value today while providing a path to extend solutions into the future.

ArrayComm, Inc [Posted : 04/11/2000   Hit :421]  
ArrayComm, Inc. is an innovative wireless technology company located in California's Silicon Valley. The company's patented IntelliCell® adaptive smart antenna (spatial processing) technology radically enhances wireless voice and data communication systems, and makes their operators more profitable. ArrayComm's core solution has been successfully embedded in several commercial wireless platforms in both fixed and mobile applications. IntelliCell is the backbone of ArrayComm's latest innovation, i-BURST™—the first truly portable, low-cost, ubiquitous, high-speed wireless Internet solution.

Atheros Communications [Posted : 12/26/2000   Hit :173]  
Atheros Communications, Inc., is a provider of standards-based, wireless networking technology. Atheros is initially focused on next-generation wireless LAN chipsets and software to support ubiquitous wireless connectivity in homes and offices.

Aura, Inc [Posted : 11/20/2000   Hit :206]  
Aura Communications develops proprietary technology for short range wireless communication of voice and audio in the personal area network. Aura's revolutionary magnetic induction technology offers, for the first time, exceptional transmission quality in a headset that is affordable, comfortable, and ergonomically appealing. Our proprietary chipset, shipping today to OEMs worldwide, offers wireless communication benefits achievable by no other technology on the market.

Avesair, Inc. [Posted : 12/21/2000   Hit :150]  
Avesair delivers the carrier-class technology and infrastructure that wireless carrier networks need to offer a full range of decision-based services to subscribers. Avesair's core decision technology helps carriers increase revenue by matching the optimum message to subscribers at the right time and the right place. These services include advertising and marketing messages, targeted commerce and promotions, and personalized content.

Axonn LLC [Posted : 08/20/2001   Hit :56]  
AXONN is the world leader in designing and manufacturing innovative wireless data communication solutions using state-of-the-art spread spectrum technology. AXONN's highly reliable products offer cost effective wireless solutions that require little maintenance and upkeep.

Azimuth Networks [Posted : 09/16/2002   Hit :1157]  
Azimuth Networks is an early-stage Boston area start-up developing enabling technologies for the wireless data communications market.

Bitfone Corporation [Posted : 09/07/2001   Hit :40]  
Bitfone provides carrier-grade, Java-based software infrastructure to global wireless carriers that enables sharing of media-rich and personal content to enhance the user experience on the wireless network. Bitfone’s solutions integrate with any mobile Internet technology to provide wireless carriers with revenue-generating multimedia applications for existing and next-generation mobile services and networks.

Bitmo, Inc. [Posted : 12/12/2000   Hit :157]  
Add wireless capabilities to a Sales Force Automation System. Enable mobile customers to check the status of their order. Empower employees with the means to approve purchase orders and manage department expenditures from the road. With customers in production, BITMO is already revolutionizing the way companies do business. The options are limited only by how far the imagination can stretch.

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