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There are no sub categories. [Posted : 03/14/2000   Hit :119]  
AlertWire is a leading provider of open solutions for mobile computing and content delivery, in particular business-to-mobile integration (B2M). AlertWire can achieve B2M integration by connecting companies' existing enterprise applications securely over the Internet. AlertWire's solutions are based on the company's flagship technology, AlertWire B2M, and can be focused on personal, corporate, or cross-industry needs.

Big Fish Communications [Posted : 01/06/2003   Hit :15]  
Big Fish Communications is the premier email protection service provider. Big Fish's national network of fully redundant servers, located at strategic traffic hubs across the internet, provides businesses with bandwidth-based email protection services that provides the forward line of defense and ensures the integrity of corporate messages before they ever enter a company's network infrastructure.

Bigfoot Interactive [Posted : 01/28/2002   Hit :12]  
Bigfoot Interactive ( is the leading provider of strategic, ROI-focused email communications technology and services. Through its combination of innovative technology, professional services and vertical market expertise, Bigfoot Interactive helps marketers acquire, grow and retain profitable customer relationships through highly relevant and personalized email communications.

BoldFish, Inc. [Posted : 12/11/2000   Hit :93]  
BoldFish Inc. is pioneering the development of outbound email solutions. The company provides software tools for business-to-customer communication with an integrated email and web-based product. The flagship product is a high-volume, high-speed email delivery system that integrates seamlessly with IT infrastructures.

Brightmail, Inc [Posted : 08/19/1999   Hit :120]  
Brightmail, Inc., a cutting-edge San Francisco startup funded by top venture capital firms, develops advanced email services and software to enhance the quality and manageability of email for ASPs, ISPs, portals, and enterprises. Its products include the Brightmail Anti-Spam Solution, an Internet-wide, real time solution to the costly problem of unsolicited email. Upcoming products include anti-virus protection for ASPs and ISPs.

BriteMoon, Inc. [Posted : 04/23/2001   Hit :124]  
Britemoon was founded in 2000 by experienced IT executives who recognized the need to provide businesses with an affordable, yet robust solution to conduct targeted email campaigns. Britemoon is a scalable, self-service email marketing solution designed to develop, execute and measure email marketing and communications campaigns; and its robust and flexible technical architecture integrates seamlessly with all major CRM platforms.

FireDrop, Inc [Posted : 04/10/2000   Hit :84]  
Located in Redwoodshore, Calif, FireDrop takes the next giant leap in Internet technology by enabling an entirely new way to communicate, collaborate, and transact through what we call "Zaplets." Zaplets bring new live, shared qualities to messaging. Received more than $12 million in financing from Kleiner Perkins and Comdisco.

IronPort Systems [Posted : 11/28/2001   Hit :13]  
IronPort Systems is developing a family of Intelligent Messaging Gateways that will revolutionize Internet Messaging. The gateway is the device that accepts mail from either a message store or from a computer database. The gateway queues the mail, establishes a connection with other mail servers, then delivers the messages. The gateway also receives incoming messages and routes them to the appropriate destination.

Metamail, Inc. [Posted : 03/09/2001   Hit :15]  
Metamail Inc. is a leading-edge provider of advanced electronic mail and graphics compression software. Metamail is dedicated to providing an entirely new e-mail experience that transforms e-mail into a powerful new business and personal communications medium. Our patent-pending message compression technology overcomes previous barriers to multimedia message use on the Internet.

Omniva Policy Systems [Posted : 10/11/1999   Hit :285]  
Omniva Policy Systems provides transparent and easy-to-use secure email policy solutions. Omniva's unique and innovative approach revolutionizes email security and policy maintenance by making it possible for companies to exchange and secure confidential emails beyond the corporate boundaries with anyone - customers, partners, suppliers - regardless of what email system they use and without requiring any special software, downloads, or additional steps for the recipients.

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