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There are no sub categories. [Posted : 03/15/2000   Hit :129]  
Located in Purchase NY, is a leading Internet bank providing real-time, next-generation financial services to businesses and consumers. Founded by leading financial and technology professionals,'s mission is to deliver competitive banking and loan products through its website and national business lending offices, combined with best-of-breed customer service initiatives.

Magnet Communications, Inc [Posted : 11/06/2001   Hit :9]  
Magnet Communications, Inc., the Internet Business Banking Authority, is the premier provider of secure electronic solutions for leading financial institutions. Magnet is a hosted services provider of Internet cash management, business banking, image delivery and e-commerce products through its Magnet Outsource Service (MOS). It also provides a full array of commercial banking solutions for in-house implementation.

PayMethods [Posted : 01/03/2000   Hit :252]  
Simply put, PayMethods provides an enterprise solution that helps merchants leverage technology to increase their financing options giving them the tools they need to efficiently underwrite and manage new customer credit. Additionaly, lenders can use our powerful credit origination solutions to instantly decision and open new credit accounts. [Posted : 02/17/2000   Hit :139]  
VirtualBank offers a revolutionary approach to banking. Most banks function with multiple technology platforms and disparate back office systems that don't talk to each other. Traditional banks have spent tens of millions of dollars to band-aid these systems together, and they are still stuck with the internal politics and bureaucracies that get in the way of serving you. Internet-only banks have simply attached a web interface and out-sourced their technology to these same antiquated systems. Instead of leveraging more efficient technology, Internet banks have stumbled into the inherent problems that plague their traditional competitors

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