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AC and E Ltd. [Posted : 11/29/2000   Hit :83]  
AC&E delivers state-of-the-art video communications solutions designed exclusively for your organization's current needs, budget, and future plans. We have more than a decade of experience in every segment of the video communications industry. AC&E has become a recognized leader in providing high-quality systems for a variety of video communications applications: Thorough understanding of the software components needed to tie everything together - AC&E has designed the industry's leading scheduling and control tool. Extensive partnering with telephone companies, developing a complete understanding of transmission options and issues. Design, installation, and maintenance of some of the world's first - and finest - video conferencing and distance learning networks. Complete maintenance and management of complex video networks for some of the largest telecommunications companies nationwide. Commitment to stay on top of today's cutting edge technologies.

Apogee Networks, Inc. [Posted : 05/24/2000   Hit :73]  
Apogee Networks, Inc. is the recognized leader in developing and deploying advanced Content and IP Rating, Billing and Settlement solutions for IP Content Distributors, ASPs, ISPs, Carriers, Wireless Internet Providers and Enterprise customers. awarded Networld+Interop’s Best-of-Show Award. [Posted : 03/06/2000   Hit :151]  
The Backwire editors do nothing but search and surf and keep a running list of the sites that provide the best content within a given category. Then, on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the category, they use our proprietary technology to build and send you an e-mail tailored specifically to your interests that summarizes what's new on those sites and provides links directly to the best of the Web.

Captivate Network, Inc. [Posted : 11/09/2001   Hit :70]  
Captivate Network Inc. is the leading elevator media network in North America. Our network offers a targeted new media solution that delivers key marketing and advertising messages to business professionals during a time of day when they were previously unavailable.

Clickability, Inc [Posted : 12/07/2000   Hit :82]  
Clickability, Inc. founded in April 1999, builds, syndicates and manages brand-transparent, interactive Web content saving, retrieving and sharing tools for Web publishers. Clickability's tools, including SAVE THIS and EMAIL THIS, are designed to leverage the power of viral marketing to enhance publishers' sites. Clickability tools increase Web site traffic, stickiness, and brand recognition, and create unique advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

ContentGuard, Inc. [Posted : 04/27/2000   Hit :84]  
*ContentGuard, Inc. is a Xerox spinoff company* ContentGuard, Inc. offers digital rights management (DRM) solutions designed to encourage Internet distribution of digital content such as music, eBooks and business reports. ContentGuard's cross-platform technology, originally developed at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), and suite of services allow content owners to manage the digital distribution process by tracking usage, preventing unauthorized access and enabling a range of business models for user access

Context Media, Inc [Posted : 03/22/2000   Hit :83]  
With groundbreaking new technology, Context Media's solutions change the way digital content is shared, syndicated, and authored, Internet-wide. The Context Media Interchange Platform™ offers a technology infrastructure to help companies extend their content reach, expand their brand awareness, and create new revenue opportunities with their content assets.

Desktop News Corp. [Posted : 06/23/2000   Hit :55]  
Desktop News is the marketer and the developer of the first open Web-based broadcast platform that delivers custom content to the desktops of targeted audiences in a personalized ticker toolbar. Desktop News v2.0 offers the user an enhanced version of the low-bandwidth, unobtrusive ticker and an easy-to-manage publishing system to content providers through which they can establish their own Desktop News channels. Users customize the ticker to enable one-click access to favorite Web sites and continuous, direct delivery of desired news and information from a virtually unlimited number of content channels., Inc. [Posted : 02/08/2000   Hit :89]  
DigitalOwl's KineticEdge™ is the first turnkey electronic distribution, marketing, and sales solution that delivers valuable digital content to leading websites, into enterprises and directly to consumers. The result is the presentation of valuable content where and when consumers are looking for the content. Using KineticEdge, publishers can quickly and easily begin distributing and selling their digital publications online, while leading Web sites can generate revenue from a rich offering of titles, reports, and articles from leading publishers and authors

ebrary, Inc. [Posted : 11/20/2001   Hit :12]  
ebrary develops software and services for the secure online access and delivery of authoritative copyrighted content. ebrary has created the ebrarian solution for customers and partners and is working with publishers and other content providers to create a rich online library of copyrighted books, journals, periodicals and more that can be freely indexed by search engines via its open access model.

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