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AccessLan Communications, Inc [Posted : 08/30/2001   Hit :245]  
AccessLan Communications, Inc. is a leading developer of carrier-class multi-protocol provisioning equipment designed for large-scale access networks. The company targets Local Exchange Carriers (LECs), Inter-Exchange Carriers (IXCs) and Independent Operating Companies (IOCs), with its next-generation approach to supporting mass deployment of broadband services.

Agere, Inc [Posted : 10/03/1999   Hit :439]  
Agere, Inc. is now the Network Processor Business unit of Lucent Microelectronics, providing datacom and telecom equipment manufacturers with powerful multi-protocol solutions for complex Layer 2 through 7 processing. Agere was founded to develop and commercialize a proven, patented technology for the construction of wire-speed programmable routers, switches and network management equipment. Agere's technology enables system vendors to provide carriers, service providers and enterprises with the ability to quickly offer new OC-3, OC-12, OC-48, and Gigabit Ethernet services.

Allegro Networks [Posted : 10/09/2001   Hit :208]  
Allegro Networks is a privately-held data communications equipment start-up that manufactures and markets high-performance broadband internetworking equipment to carriers. Allegro Networks multi-router supports the concurrent operation and processing of multiple logically and physically independent routers within a single system. Allegro Networks' products are targeted at facilities-based carriers, such as an incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs), or inter-exchange carriers (IXCs), enabling them to both optimize their edge infrastructure and sell routing services to service provider or enterprise customers on a leased basis.

Altrio Communications, Inc. [Posted : 12/05/2000   Hit :397]  
Altrio Communications is to build the next generation fiber optic telecommunications network providing a package of all services for the home and home office: a broad spectrum of advanced television services, high-speed data services including Internet access, web-integrated services, and quality local and long distance telephone. Altrio is launching its first network in Southern California as part of a well-planned, highly targeted initiative supported by a select group of large investors.

ANDA Networks, Inc. [Posted : 08/07/2001   Hit :207]  
ANDA Networks develops high-performance, high-value multi-services access products for the worldwide telecommunications service provider market. The company's flagship product, the ANDA Universal Access Platform (UAP), will allow carriers to gradually expand beyond time-division multiplexing (TDM)-centric metropolitan access to high bandwidth ATM and SONET access. The UAP combines the functionality of Fiber Optic Terminals (FOT), Digital Cross Connects (DCS), Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers (DSLAM) and Digital Loop Carrier (DLC), thus lowering the cost of delivery of multiple services to the subscribers.

Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. [Posted : 08/02/2001   Hit :110]  
Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. (AOI) is a next-generation vertically integrated optoelectronics company that designs, grows, processes and packages advanced vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) for the telecommunications market.

AVT Audio Visual Telecomunications [Posted : 08/14/2000   Hit :198]  
AVT Audio Visual Telecommunications Corporation is a private Canadian Corporation located in Victoria British Columbia. AVT provides low-bit rate (LBR) video-speech solutions to original equipment manufactuers (OEMs) for integration into their products.

Bandspeed, Inc. [Posted : 06/26/2001   Hit :156]  
Bandspeed is delivering innovative transceiver technology for DSL and wireless equipment that elevates broadband performance to a new levelóincreasing data rates, expanding reach and improving reliability. This will increase revenue and lower costs without increasing computational requirements.

BeVocal [Posted : 01/23/2001   Hit :210]  
BeVocal is the leading provider of voice infrastructure software, applications, and services to telecommunications companies and businesses worldwide.B eVocal is the first company to create voice portal applications that can be personalized based on a callerís location, delivered to any device and customized via an open development platform. Telecommunications companies and businesses rely on BeVocalís automated phone solutions and scalable hosting network to offer millions of callers intelligent dial tone services for retrieving information, managing messages and conducting transactions simply by speaking. Developers can build high quality voice applications using BeVocalís Web-based development platform, the BeVocal Cafť (, while gaining access to millions of potential customers through BeVocalís carrier partners.

BeVocal, Inc. [Posted : 12/23/1999   Hit :397]  
Located in Santa Clara, CA and founded in March 1999, BeVocal is a consumer voice portal service that makes a broad range of personalized web content and services available from any phone, simply by speaking. Callers can dial a single, nationwide toll-fr

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