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Attenza, Inc [Posted : 11/02/2001   Hit :18]  
Attenza is a leading online service for technical support. Attenza's technology helps corporations automate, centralize, and personalize service and support for their employees and customers via the Internet. By using Attenza, companies such as CNET, Dell, Lycos, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Motorola, Radio Shack, and Vignette are increasing employee productivity, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing the cost of delivering service and support.

ePeople Inc. [Posted : 10/27/1999   Hit :388]  
ePeople, founded in 1997, is a leading provider of Internet-based, collaborative support solutions for technology companies. ePeople's mission is to raise the quality of customer support by providing a technical support infrastructure that allows organizations to create collaborative workspaces where multiple partners work together to resolve issues more efficiently, cost-effectively and to the customer's satisfaction.

RightNow Technologies, Inc. [Posted : 12/22/1999   Hit :106]  
RightNow Technologies is a leading provider of Web-based customer service solutions for the Internet and Intranet environments. For Web-connected organizations, we offer tools to support Web site operations with fully automated, online customer service, plus tools for online surveys, data analysis, and marketing. Our solutions allow you to master the art of online service to your customers, transforming your Web presence to a full-service tool for customer communication.

Tioga Systems [Posted : 08/02/1999   Hit :289]  
Located in Palo Alto, CA. The first Internet support infrastructure company pioneering the emerging eSupport category. The company’s eSupport solution enables a wide variety of support providers - such as Enterprise IT, PC OEMs, ISPs, and ASPs - to support any computing user automatically and via the web. Founded in June, 1997 by Mark Pincus, co-founder and CEO of FreeLoader

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