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BrowseUp, Inc. [Posted : 03/21/2001   Hit :35]  
BrowseUp's oLinkSM technology allows users to create links from within any existing Web page through a simple drag-and-drop process. BrowseUp's platform also enables users to instantaneously publish any content on the Web. [Posted : 12/15/1999   Hit :156], Inc. is a leader in Internet-enabled communication, information management and collaboration solutions for corporations, portals, service providers and individuals. The company develops and markets a comprehensive suite of Web-enabled software technologies that are accessible to users from any connected device — computer, wireless phone/PDA, or Internet terminal. These technologies are essential building blocks for making Web sites and corporate Intranets more useful and effective.

Callixa, Inc. [Posted : 06/19/2000   Hit :71]  
Callixa, a privately held company located in San Francisco, California, provides industry-leading Internet technology infrastructure products and services. Callixa's foundation product, Integration Server¨£, offers a unique data delivery solution for the Internet age: unified access to multiple, large and disparate databases in real-time, allowing fast, reliable commerce over the Internet.

Captura, Inc. [Posted : 09/05/2001   Hit :92]  
Captura delivers Web-based, total expense management services that fundamentally change the way companies control, analyze and reduce expenses. Its flagship service, Captura Expense(tm), provides intuitive and scalable expense management that delivers rapid return on investment by automating expense processing to companies worldwide. Captura customers include Adelphia Communications, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Ericsson, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard and Leo Burnett.

Codexa Corporation [Posted : 05/01/2001   Hit :29]  
Codexa provides focused, continuous Internet surveillance for greater Wall Street. Professional investors and traders have information needs infinitely more complex and demanding than retail investors. Information is the raw material for adding value, and the Internet has transformed the information landscape in a multitude of profound ways. Millions of people now have access to previously hard to find information that can be acted on in a very short period of time. Codexa's mission is to continually provide the breakthrough professionals need to stay on "Internet time" when they are transacting billions of dollars in thousands of securities. The Codexa solution is flexible and customizable to allow professionals to apply their expertise and incorporate their proprietary knowledge.

Compete, Inc. [Posted : 05/23/2001   Hit :159]  
Compete, Inc. is a leading advisory services firm that provides companies with quantitative insight into customer and competitor activity to maximize the return on their acquisition and retention initiatives. Based on a data pool of over 9 million Internet users, Compete delivers tailored analyses and business recommendations focused on demand analysis, attraction and retention, and customer profitability.

Comscore Networks, Inc. [Posted : 04/03/2001   Hit :161]  
comScore Networks provides the Internet E-conomy with data-based infrastructure services that help improve sales and marketing effectiveness. Through its patent-pending Customer Knowledge Platform, comScore provides a confidentially captured, 360-degree view of the surfing behavior of more than 1.5 million opt-in Internet users, while simultaneously capturing detailed information on their online and offline buying.

Covigo, Inc. [Posted : 01/09/2002   Hit :26]  
The Covigo Platform is used by software vendors and systems integrators to deploy applications spanning multiple channels (Web, wireless, voice) and multiple modes (real-time, offline, alerts).

Cyveillance, Inc. [Posted : 08/28/2001   Hit :21]  
Cyveillance, Inc. helps companies address critical business issues by delivering 100 Percent Relevant Intelligence˘â mined directly from the Internet. Cyveillance's solutions enable businesses to capture revenue by taking control of their brand identity, digital assets and corporate reputation online. Cyveillance configures its proprietary technology with client-specific parameters to locate and categorize unstructured content, transforming the Internet into a critical resource for strategic analysis.

expenseAdvisor, Inc. [Posted : 10/15/2001   Hit :20]  
expenseAdvisor, Inc. provides analytical CRM solutions to financial institutions and portals to improve customer profitability one customer at a time. We help financial institutions to boost profits by 1) increasing cross-sell/up-sell revenue; 2) reducing marketing costs; and 3) improving asset quality.

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