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Enition, Inc. [Posted : 07/05/2000   Hit :53]  
Enition is the first company to market a patented, IP based infrastructure solution enabling content providers, content distribution and network service providers to seamlessly price and sell their services using multiple business models and exchange rules.

i-Escrow, Inc. [Posted : 12/13/2000   Hit :43]  
If you actively buy products on the Internet, then you know about the potential perils of buying from someone you don't know. If you sell merchandise on online auctions, classified web sites, virtual malls, personal web pages, or through Internet newsgroups, you know that online Buyers want to use their credit card. In either case, i-Escrow can help you. i-Escrow is an impartial 3rd party that acts to facilitate online buying and selling by providing both parties with trust, security, and convenience.

IntelliClaim, Inc. [Posted : 12/18/2000   Hit :73]  
IntelliClaim, Inc. delivers advanced technology capabilities to health care payors to enhance the accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare claims payment. In bringing insurers, HMOs and other claims payors a service that provides tools and technology for reducing medical costs and administrative expenses, IntelliClaim delivers claim and administrative cost savings within weeks, rather than the months required for other interventions, while enabling payors to manage more effectively the workflow and quality of their claim review processes.

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