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Posted Date  07/21/2000 Inquire  3860
How do I benefit from StartupZone?                
Since you came this far, you have something 
to do with startup companies. Select one of the following statements to
find out how you can, based on your needs, use StartupZone to get the most
out of it.

I want to start my own company
I am looking for great people to come work for my startup
I want to work for a startup
I want to do business with startups

Q1.1: I want to start my own company.
A1.1: You have come to the right place! StartupZone provides comprehensive
resources through which you can learn, promote, and network to increase
your chances of starting a successful company. Here are a few suggestions:
- Browse through List Zone to learn about your potential clients, partners,
and even competitors.
- Use Community Zone to network with other entrepreneurs, professionals,
and investors; use Expert Forum to have specific questions answered.
- Once you have started your company, promote your company through List
Zone and seek employees through Hire Zone.
- Let the world know about your business with News Zone’s PR service.

Q1.2: I am looking for great people to come work for my startup.
A1.2: Hire Zone is where you should start. First, post a job opening and
have qualified people come to you. You won’t have “online trespassers”
since StartupZone attracts only those that are interested in companies like
yours. You can even pre-screen the applicants with our unique “questionnaire”

If you don’t receive resumes of your liking, browse through resumes
of job seekers that have expressed their desire to work in startup environment
by posting their resumes here. Best of all, for a limited time, you can
post job listings for FREE on Hire Zone!!

Q1.3: I want to work for a startup.
A1.2: Let’s start from the top. If you haven’t done so already,
register as a job seeker. In the process of registration, you can fill out
an online resume form. Cut and paste from your existing resume or just type
in the required fields (ones with *). Once you complete the registration
process, you will have an access to Hire Zone, where you can browse through
jobs posted by startup companies.

Q1.4: I want to do business with startups.
A 1.4: Whether you are looking for your next client, a strategic partner,
or a potential acquisition, List Zone represents a great resource. You can
find startups based on business type, geographic area, or by funding stage
so that you can narrow down your search and find companies specific to your


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