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Posted Date  07/21/2000 Inquire  3437
About registration...                
Q:	Do I need to register?
A: That depends on how you want to use StartupZone. If you want to browse
through News Zone, Community Zone, and brief descriptions of startups listed
in List Zone, then you don’t have to register. However, if you want
to see the detailed information of startups in List Zone, start your own
community in Community Zone, or use Hire Zone, you need to register as the
most applicable user type.

Q: What do I need to register as?
A: Select the user type most applicable to you during your registration
process. If you are just an information seeker, register as a General User
for a quick registration. Otherwise, select the most appropriate user type
(i.e., Startup, Job Seeker, or Vendor) and fill out the registration form.

Q: Why would I register as a B2B Vendor?
A: StartupZone is collecting information on companies that are seeking
startups as clients. This information will be compiled and made available
to startups that are looking for product/service providers in specific areas.
By registering with StartupZone, you can receive leads to potential new
business in the future.


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