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Posted Date  07/21/2000 Inquire  3305
What are these different Zones?                
StartupZone understands the amount of effort 
that goes into turning a great business idea into a successful company.
There aren’t enough hours in a day to develop, strategize, formalize,
and implement business ideas, and efficiency is extremely difficult to achieve
while acquiring all the resources a typical startup needs—resources
such as employees, financing, vendors, and expert advice.

StartupZone helps startups empower themselves by bringing resources to
them. Each of our four Zones provides an online product that is designed
to address a specific need of startups. As a whole, StartupZone presents
a single point of access for startups to gain many needed resources. Following
is a brief description of what is offered through each Zone:

- List Zone provides a platform through which startups can promote themselves
to potential customers, employees, vendors, and investors; startups fill
out the registration form and list as much or little information about themselves
as they see fit. The registered startups and their information can be then
listed by industry, business type, location, and funding stage.

- News Zone is where startups and entrepreneurs will find news that is
most relevant to them—anything from information on the latest VC financing
to new innovative technology can be found here.

- Hire Zone offers comprehensive employment services for startups from
job listing and resume search to headhunting services. Hire Zone also provides
a unique feature: a questionnaire that allows startups to measure the qualifications
of applicants by asking up to five questions and screening the answers.
Job seekers can create and manage their resumes online, browse through the
listed job postings, and apply for a position with a click of a button.

- Community Zone is a place where you can interact with other StartupZone
members and share your thoughts, knowledge, experience, and camaraderie.
This is your space, and you can shape it and use it any way you like.

Another offering from StartupZone is the Expert Forum where industry experts
will answer the most common questions from StartupZone members concerning
legal, accounting, and other issues.

All in all, StartupZone is here to help you and your startup succeed. Use
it, benefit from it, and let it be your partner in your successful venture.


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