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Management Consulting

Moss Mallory Interactive LLC    [Posted : 02/06/2001]  
Moss Mallory Interactive has over 15 years experience in business strategy & technology, and has been entrenched in the internet arena since 1996. Our Strategic Business Consultants can provide temporary leadership and guidance to your organization to help it through today's economy. Moss Mallory Interactive can provide a one-company solution for many of your company’s management needs.

Silicon Valley Consulting Group, LLC    [Posted : 02/06/2001]  
Our core competency of financial modeling has broadened in scope and strengthened in application. SVCG provides clients much more than a simple set of financial forecasts. With the SVCG process, senior management can weight the impact of multiple financing rounds, additional product/service offerings, rapid staffing, outsourced services and alternative financing strategies. Today SVCG serves a variety of client needs. Start-up companies look to SVCG to provide expertise, guidance and support. Established companies call upon SVCG for strategic planning, process improvement, decision analysis and database reporting. SVCG assists Investors and Incubators with research, due diligence, and start-up mentoring.

MSI Consulting Group    [Posted : 12/06/2000]  
MSI Consulting Group helps technology vendors connect their technology offerings with their target markets through optimized use of the most appropriate marketing and sales channels. We accomplish this by using a "hybrid" marketing model that integrates diverse marketing channels and resources based on their ability to perform tasks in the go-to-market process. Our unique understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and dynamics of the spectrum of marketing channels and vehicles helps our clients best leverage the right resources in the right way at the right time to yield the greatest return on an opportunity.

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